Galliani e l'epopea rossonera: 'Maldini è il Milan, ma non potevo offrirgli il mio ruolo. Può diventare il condor del futuro'

Galliani and the Rossoneri epic: ‘Maldini is Milan, but I couldn’t offer him my role. He can become the condor of the future ‘

Adriano Galliania lifetime at Milan and today CEO of Monzagave a long interview to Luigi Garlando, during the Sports Festival: “Sebastian Rossi psychologically he is the strongest goalkeeper I’ve ever had. Every year I thought of taking someone stronger than him, but psychologically he killed him and he punctually played him. Dida the strongest in the world until the firecrackers of the north curve of Inter hurt him. After that he was no longer the first ever. But Dida is always present because even now I go to review the penalties of the Champions League final against Juventus where he saved 3. Donnarumma? I remember him in the cup won in 2016. Mauro Bianchessi one day came to my office telling me that he was the best ever but he was about to sign with Inter. I managed to bring him to Milan when I was 14. At 16 he made his debut in Serie A and in the European Championship that we won he was elected as the best player of the tournament, not as the best goalkeeper. Then unfortunately the memory in football is short. Buffon? Let’s try in every way to bring him to Milan, he played in a big club like Parma. Mom decided she wanted him close to her, close to home. We had Lorenzo Buffon as an observer, vaguely related to Gigi. I took Lloris many years ago. Abbiati had to go to Palermo. He refused the transfer and Hugo Lloris had to arrive in his place. But he didn’t go like that. “

ABOUT MALDINI – “Maldini? Paolo is AC Milan, because his father was AC Milan. We know Paolo’s technical characteristics. In 1963, his father raised his Champions Cup and 40 years later always in England later Caesar it’s up to Paul to lift this trophy. It hasn’t happened to any team in Europe. Cesare always told me, even during the negotiations for contract renewals, that he would never take Paolo away from Milan. And he took back education and morality from his dad. We collected the number 6 shirt from Baresi and the 3 from Maldini. Paul’s can only be used by one of his sons. Why did Paolo only join the club when I left? THEor I offered him all other positions that weren’t mine. And he didn’t accept. I didn’t give him my seat because I’m not that generous and I didn’t want to leave Milan. I also offered him the management of the youth sector. It probably wasn’t supposed to happen at that moment, there is the moment when you have to go in and you have to leave. It happened like this, now he is proving to be a great executive. I hug him at every game, sincere affection and I am happy for him. Maldini the condor of the future? I gladly leave this role to him. I don’t remember who gave me this nickname. However, the last two hits of the condor are: summer 2021, last contract deposited, that of Marrone. Contract filed in the last seconds. He scored against Pisa in the playoffs. This year the condor’s shot is Armando Izzo deposited at 19.58 “.

ANCELOTTI –Ancelotti player first and then coach. Charles on the pitch he was extraordinary, Sacchi convinced me and the President despite the ailments Berlusconi to get it. Roma gave it up because it thought it was at the end of the race. Player and wonderful person, there remains a great relationship between him and us. At the Juventus as a coach he finished second, he was not considered a winner. At the turn of 2000 he closed behind Lazio and Rome. I spoke with Ancelotti when Terim was on the bench at Milan. He didn’t go very well, that’s why we went to Carlo Ancelotti. He did exceptional things with the Rossoneri. I remember that after the first training with Kakà my name is and he told me he was a phenomenon. At the time we also had Rui Costa. The only phone call from an intelligent player in the course of my career that I received from Manuel who told me he had to leave because Kakà was too strong. “

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