L'Italia Under 21 ci prova, l'Inghilterra è troppo forte: 0-2 a Pescara, doppietta di Brewster in 5' e rosso a Rovella

Under 21: Italy-England LIVE at 17.30

Italy in the field. L‘Under 21 by Paolo Nicolato faced the first of two friendlies (next Monday with Japan) in preparation forEuropean 2023, to which the Azzurrini they qualified thanks to the first place in Group F, without losing a single match. At the Adriatico-Giovanni Cornacchia stadium in Pescara, at 5.30 pm, Too strong L’England by the Irish Lee Carlseyalso with the pass for the next European championship in her pocket, which wins 2-0 thanks to Brewster’s brace in 5 ‘after Bovo’s double error (penalty and lost ball), before red in Rovella a few minutes from the end. The two youth selections have clashed 19 times in their history, with a balance sheet of 8 wins for Italy, 5 draws and 7 English wins. The Brits seem to have another rhythm in their legs and deservedly win, even hitting a post with Colwill. First defeat for Paolo Nicolato in the new blue two-year period, third overall. In the first half the Torino forward Pietro Pellegri gets hurt: for him adductor problem.

Italy (3-5-2): Plizzari; Okoli, Scalvini, Viti (from 46 ‘Cittadini); Cambiaso (from 75 ‘Bellanova), Miretti, Rovella, Bove (from 46’ Fagioli), Parisi (from 46 ‘Udogie); Pellegri (from 28 ‘Colombo), Cambiaghi (from 46’ Se. Esposito).

England (3-4-2-1): Bursik; Harwood-Bellis, Cresswell, Colwill (from 70 ‘Thomas); Sessegnon (from 70 ‘Gordon), Skipp (from 70’ Garner), Palmer (from 70 ‘Elliott), Spence (from 70’ Harps); Gallagher (from 70 ‘Ramsey), Gomes (from 70’ Doyle); Brewster (from the 70 ‘Balogun).

Ammonites: Gomes (In), Rovella (It).
Expelled: Rovella (It).

h 17.30 Italy-England 0-2 – 3 ‘and 5’ Brewster (It)


90 ‘+ 3’ – The match ends

90 ‘+ 1 – Nice personal action of the substitute Balogun, who touches the trio: para Plizzari.

88 ‘ROVELLA EXPELLED – Second yellow card for the Italian captain, for a foul in midfield. Shoot the red.

62 ‘- Rovella dangerous on a free kick, ball just wide.

48 ‘ – Fagioli tries from distance, even in this case the ball doesn’t go out much.

47 ‘ – Gallagher shoots from outside the box, not much high ball.

46 ‘ – The second half starts.

45 + 1 ‘- The first half ends.

45 ‘- England still close to the three of a kind: Colwill with a header hits the post.

35 ‘- Viti’s header on a corner, the ball headed for the net but Brewster saves on the line by rejecting his head.

29 ‘- Showy withholding of Rovella in Gallagher and warning for the blue captain.

28 ‘ – Physical problem for the Torino forward Pietro Pellegri: in his place comes the Lecce forward owned by Milan, Lorenzo Colombo.

22 ‘ – Double chance for Italy: Pellegri first fails to conclude, closed by Bursik at the last minute. Then Cambiaghi ends on the side with a nice diagonal.

17 ‘- Bad foul by Gomes on Rovella: the Englishman was booked, but red could also be awarded.

15 ‘- England close to the three of a kind: Okoli’s miracle, who saves on Gallagher’s safe shot.

13 ‘ – Italy finally dangerous, with Cambiaghi’s header that ends high, on a nice cross from the right.

5 ‘DOUBLE ENGLAND, AGAIN BREWSTER ON ERROR BOVE – The Roma player Bove still loses the ball on the opponent’s trocar, Gallagher serves a precise filtering low shot for Brewster who, entering near the spot, kicks at the net and beats Plizzari.

3 ‘GOAL OF ENGLAND, BREWSTER ON PENALTY – Immediate penalty for England: ball vacant in the middle of the area, Bove enters from behind on Gallagher near the spot. The Swiss whistle Dudic assigns the penalty, transformed with ease by Brewster, with a low right plate.

1 ‘ – The match begins.

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