Ranieri, l'uomo giusto per salvare l'Inter

Ranieri, the right man to save Inter

The Argentine Mauricio PochettinoPortuguese Paulo SousaSerbian Dejan Stankovic and German Thomas Tuchel, cited in alphabetical order. These are the names of the possible substitutes for Simone Inzaghi on the bench of theInter, if in the next stop in mid-November the Nerazzurri have not emerged from the tunnel of the crisis in which they entered with three defeats (and three goals to the passive) in the first seven days of the championship. Because now one thing is certain: that is the more or less explicit deadline that the club has set to decide on the possible exemption of the Nerazzurri coach.

Given that no Inter fan should root for a hypothesis of this type, it is completely normal – and we must also add – that the company thinks about the so-called plan B, without prejudice to the hope of never implementing it. So it is just as normal to try to figure out who could be the coach capable of relaunching Handanovic and his teammates, to chase the Scudetto which will remain the first goal of the season, given that the Champions League seems like a forbidden dream for everyone. If it is really necessary to replace Inzaghi, as in a house where there is a beginning of fire, you should call a fireman and not an architect, to save what can be saved before thinking about plans for the future. That’s why, beyond the many names that have already circulated in the mouths of the fans, the right man in the right place would be Claudio Ranieri.

Let’s imagine that someone reacts by saying that he is old, or that he has already failed at Inter, but in both cases the Roman coach would be able to change everyone’s mind. His 70 years brought with youthful enthusiasm, in fact, are imbued with experience and success, because Ranieri was not only the architect of the Leicester miracle. Thirty years ago, just in these days of September, he drove the Naples in the Uefa cup that won 5-1 in Valencia. And in 2008, on the bench of the Juventus, celebrated a sensational 2-0 in the Champions League against Real Madrid, with a brace from Del Piero who came out to the applause of the “Bernabeu”. Not to mention his international experience in Spain, England, France, until the last salvation with the Sampdoria. But above all it should not be forgotten that in 2010, the year of Inter’s “treble”, he scored more points than Mourinho and did not win the Scudetto at Roma, only because his championship started on the third daywith the team at zero after Spalletti’s sacking.

It is true that, two championships later in 2011-2012, little remained at Inter, inherited from Gasperini in the penultimate place after four days and left to Stramaccioni with eight to go, despite seven consecutive victories, including derby.. But that was another Inter, now at the end of its cycle, which in fact did not win anything until two years ago, in which Moratti did not have the patience to let Ranieri work. This time it is different, because the balance of Marotta, who in fact did not want to exempt Inzaghi, would guarantee more tranquility for Ranieri. And since, more than many foreign colleagues, he knows the Italian league and does not try to invent football, he would be the ideal man to restore serenity and balance to a group that appears lost. With a final consideration linked to the duration of any contract of Ranieri, or of whoever arrives. Because recent experience has shown that it is a mistake to extend the coaches’ contracts in the summer. If Inter had waited to extend that of Inzaghi on 21 June last, raising it from 4 to 5.5 million net, they would not be forced to pay him until 2024 in case of exemption. A mistake already made during the summer of 2018, when Spalletti’s contract was extended, who thus spent two years for a walk paid by Inter and also for this reason declined the offer of Milan, which then fell back on Pioli. But this is another story, like that of Inzaghi. Waiting to know if he really will be able to raise the team, avoiding leaving the bench to Ranieri or who knows who.

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