Galliani: "Paolo Maldini è il Milan, Van Basten il più grande di tutti. Vi racconto di Buffon, Lloris, Baggio e Zidane..."

Galliani: “Paolo Maldini is Milan, Van Basten the greatest of all. I’ll tell you about Buffon, Lloris, Baggio and Zidane …”

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Adriano Galliani, CEO of Monza and former Milan manager, released these words during the Sport Festival in Trento:

On Allegri: “I love him very much. Allegri arrived at Milan and won the Scudetto and the Italian Super Cup. Four out of four have always qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League. Then he went to Juventus and won five Scudetti. If now things are not going well, maybe it’s not just the coach’s fault. I have a theory: sport is cyclical, first you win a lot and then there is a period in which you can’t win. It has happened to everyone, since Real to Barcelona, ​​from Milan to Inter “.

On Giovanni Galli: “He arrives as soon as we buy Milan in 1986. He was a very good goalkeeper who was lucky enough to have an incredible defense in front of him. It must be said that when you get a few shots on goal it is not easy for a goalkeeper.”

On Sebastiano Rossi: “Psychologically he was the strongest goalkeeper we had. Each one I took on a new goalkeeper, but in the end he plays. He was very strong in the head.”

On Dida: “I often go to review the penalties of the Champions League final in Manchester in 2003. Dida saved three. After we have a party for the victory of the cup, I find myself at the table with a doctor and I tell him that every now and then I saw the Sheva’s rigor and I was afraid that she was wrong. Do you know what the doctor told me? That I was irrecoverable (smiles, ed) “.

On Gigio Donnarumma: “He gave us the last trophy of the Berlusconi era at Milan, saving Dybala’s penalty in the Italian Super Cup. If he arrived at Milan, it’s thanks to Mauro Bianchessi. One day he comes to my office saying we had to take him. even though he was signing with Inter. In the end we managed to catch him, he was 14 and at 16 he made his Serie A debut. Last year he was elected best player in the European Championship. ”

On Buffon: “We tried in every way to catch him from Parma, but his mother didn’t want to. Buffon could have arrived at Milan at 14, we were very close to catching him.”

On the goalkeepers: “I had taken Lloris, he had also signed the contract. As soon as we sold Abbiati to Palermo he would arrive. Abbiati, however, did not want to go to Palermo and so he skipped everything.”

On Tassotti: “Tassotti was wonderful. We conceded two goals at San Siro in the Champions Cup, both on the left side. On Tassotti’s side we didn’t concede a goal, it was very difficult to skip him.”

On Paolo Maldini: “Paolo is AC Milan, his father was AC Milan too. It’s incredible to think that in 1963 Cesare Maldini raised the European Cup in England and 40 years later Paolo did the same in Manchester. It’s one thing the only one that never happened anywhere. When we arrived at Milan, Paolo was about to expire his contract. His father Cesare helped his agent. He told me that he would never take Paolo away from Milan. We collected the number 3 shirt which it can only be worn by one of his children. I hope that one day Daniel, Cristian or maybe a nephew of Paolo will be able to wear that shirt “.

On Maldini as manager: “Milan had two figures: me and president Berlusconi. I offered Paolo all the other positions apart from mine, of course, and he always refused. I offered him different roles, but they didn’t suit him. Maybe. it is better that he arrived later, in life there are the right moments to get to a place. Paolo is proving to be a great manager. There is great affection between us. ”

On the nickname Condor: “I don’t know who gave me this nickname, maybe Nesta or Leonardo. In the summer of 2021 the last contract deposited was that of Luca Marrone. He never scored during the whole year, but in extra time at Pisa scored just him. This year we took Izzo, we deposited the contract at 19.58. They call me Condor because I close the shots at the last “.

On Baresi: “Farina did a lot of things that weren’t going well, but he could have sold Maldini and Baresi and he didn’t. Baresi won the star’s Scudetto, he stayed at Milan in the 80s when Milan went twice in Serie B, he never wanted to leave. In today’s football these things could never happen. In those days you were not afraid of losing certain players. ”

On Ancelotti: “He was extraordinary on the pitch, he played 5 years in an incredible way. Sacchi convinced me and Berlusconi by saying that the knee can be treated, but not the head. We therefore took him from Rome and for 5 years he proved to be a player and a incredible person. Then he started coaching, two years ago at Juventus in which he finished second and for this reason they called him a loser. I speak with Carlo the Saturday before Torino-Milan. I ask him if he had already signed with Parma, he tells me he would have signed on Monday. Let’s go to Turin and lose 1-0, with Inzaghi missing a penalty in the 90 ‘. Braida and I decide to sack Terim, we tell Berlusconi we want to take Ancelotti. The next day we go close to Parma at Ancelotti’s house, we tell him he couldn’t leave us. So he signs and eight wonderful years begin from there. I remember that after Kak’s first training session, he calls me Carlo and asks me where we got him. We already had a great 10 like Rui Costa. Mi chi he loved a little after Kaka’s arrival and he told me that he had to go away because Kaka was too strong “.

On Ancelotti’s last call: “I call him Sunday after Monza-Juventus, we talk often. He was supposed to play the Madrid derby at 9 pm. I asked him if he was worried, he said no, he was worried about Monza, but since he had won he was calm. Ancelotti knows how to calm down not only the players, but also the managers. He won everything, but he always maintained great humility, he never changed. ”

On numbers 10: “I’ll tell you this about Baggio: he came to us in 1995, but I already had the contract signed in 1990. It’s a regret I have. He arrived in 1995, I’m sorry I lost five years of Baggio in that Milan. Gullit was more of a second striker than a number 10. Ronaldinho? I would beat him when I see him. He had infinite class, he and Ronaldo loved to see them in training. Dinho, like many Brazilians, was too passionate about things off the pitch. Pure class. Ronaldinho’s is unattainable. We also had Rivaldo, another immense player, but he also liked the good life. ”
On Zidane and Dugarry: “We had Savicevic. Berlusconi, from time to time talking to Braida, told him that he had gone to Bordeaux and took Dugarry instead of Zidane. But we had Savicevic. I’ll tell you this about Zidane: Real had asked us for Sheva before. , but Berlusconi said no and so they went to Turin to pick up Zidane “.

On Van Basten and Pippo Inzaghi: “Pippo is the only player in the world who shot a flat one meter from the goal and scored with his head. Pippo is the mentally strongest person there is. He did not have the talent of some greats like Van Basten, but he was manic. He knew all the movements of the defenders, Pippo is the opposite of Ronaldinho and those people there. From outside the box he never scored, but he was too strong with his head and for this reason he scored a lot “.

On Van Basten: “He is the greatest player we have had”.

On Pato and Tevez: “Don’t ask me any questions about this … (smiles, ed)”.

On Dybala: “Never looked for Icardi, while Dyabla really wanted him at Monza. We talked to his agent who was at my house. We followed him and looked for him, but he said no. I tried. I talked to him. his agent and I told him we wanted to see him when he came back from Miami, but he never opened the possibility of going to Monza. ”

On Milan-Monza: “From San Siro the Duomo of Monza takes too long. My affection for Milan is unchanged, I still rejoice very much, perhaps too much. I’ll stay in my usual place at San Siro. I am a fan of Monza and of the Milan because 31 years of Milan cannot be forgotten. I always send three little hearts to my friends on Whathsapp: one white, one red and one black. On Sunday he was at San Siro for Milan-Napoli, the Rossoneri didn’t deserve to lose “.

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