The big news of WhatsApp is not on WhatsApp

The big news of WhatsApp is not on WhatsApp

The “Community Chat“they arrived, but not where everyone expected them: after announcing the arrival of”Communities“on WhatsApp, the platform on which we all expected to see the news arrive now Mark Zuckerberg reminds us that Meta’s main product is still Facebook and, therefore, Facebook Messenger.

The “community chat“, therefore, they are being distributed all over the world on Messenger and are different from those that will arrive on WhatsApp, not only from the practical point of view and use, but above all from the point of view of safety and of privacy.

What are Community Chats

The “Community Chat“of Facebook Messenger are a service that vaguely resembles Discord’s servers: a chat linked to a groupwithin which we speak of common interests. Also specifically, because it is possible to create very specific chats to segment the audience of very large groups, creating multiple Community Chats for the same group.

Everything, however, will start from the Facebook group: there will be no community without a group and only the group administrators will open the community. Communities can be used to make announcements, to support a face-to-face event, to discuss between administrators, to create audio channels.

Each member of the community, if the rules chosen by the administrator allow it, will be able to publish in the chat.

Community rules

Community administrators will have specific and automated tools for moderation, which will be essential as communities can be huge. Tools for automatically suspend users in case of specific behaviors, for remove messages reported, for filter messages based on content.

All of this will be crucial, because most of the community chats will be totally or partially public. In a new page of his online help in Italian, in fact, Meta explains that the new chats

  • They are not private as they can be found and seen by people who are not in the chat, including Meta
  • If a community chat is part of a private Facebook group, current and future members can find and see the chat name and, in some cases, its content
  • If you are part of a public Facebook group, everyone can find and see the chat name or content
  • People can also be invited to join and automatically approved according to your chat settings
    It is not possible to participate in a community chat if you are not part of the Facebook group and if you leave or are removed from the group you will lose access to all connected community chats

The rules for the privacy Community Chats are different from those of private chats and are much “wider”:

  • The history has a limited time (e.g. 90 days)
  • The published contents remain visible to the other participants, even if you leave the community
  • Meta can collect and store information posted in community chats

Community Chat: no encryption

The most important thing to know about Community Chats, after the fact that they are basically a public space that almost anyone can enter (unless they are tied to a private group), is that conversations are not secure from end-to-end encryption.

This is not a big limitation in the case of communities linked to a public group (there is nothing to “hide“: the conversation is not private), but it can become so in the case of a community linked to a private group. In this case, in fact, at least in theory a hacker (or the same Half) could read, see and hear the content of the community chat.

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