Rome, Zaniolo returns: this is how Mourinho will use Dybala

Rome, Zaniolo returns: this is how Mourinho will use Dybala

ROME – Three goals, two assists, seven games played, in total 563 minutes. Paulo Dybala keeps Roma high, with a performance that Juventus had not had for years. In the Giallorossi jersey it is almost his rebirth, he feels happy, satisfied, he feels he has found a new home, more comfortable, but one that can still be improved. The assist against Juventus, the brace against Monza, goals and assists in Empoli, a few too many poles, a bit of bad luck. There is a lot of Dybala in this start of the season for Roma. Monday’s victory removed the clouds that had thickened after two consecutive defeats on the sky of Trigoria. Paulo along with other teammates had reflected on those setbacks, to understand what the causes were and on Monday evening he took the field with the intention of playing a leading role. It was his best performance in the Giallorossi jersey, since 2014 he hasn’t played with this continuity. Now that Roma have left, we can work to build a winning mentality, the path had only been started last season. It takes time, even Mourinho knows it.

Better with Zaniolo

Dybala’s goal was to win three games in a week before leaving for the national team. That of Empoli went well, now Helsinki and Atalanta are missing, but Paulo is confident, the worst is over. When everyone is in better shape, the game will also go better, the team will grow even with the return of Zaniolo, whose absence has been felt in recent weeks. The next two games will be played at the Olimpico, the fans will play their part and they have made him feel important from day one. In Empoli there was a standing ovation when he was replaced.
The hug with Zaniolo and Viña after the goal has different meanings. At the beginning Nicolò saw Paulo almost as a competitor, while today he knows that he is an extra resource from which he too can take advantage. When Zaniolo returns, Roma will express themselves better and Dybala will return to play the attacking midfielder, while in the last few games (also in Empoli it was like this) he played as second striker, closer to Abraham. Pellegrini will move back a few meters in midfield and the team will have more balance. Viña, on the other hand, is the companion of mate, the Argentine drink very much in use even among Uruguayans.

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Rome immediately on the field: Zaniolo paws, Karsdorp in the group

The goal scored against Empoli is a specialty of his and was highly celebrated in Argentina. Then the assist was brilliant, he caught Abraham on the far post and it was not easy to pass the ball in that clogged area. When Paulo finds those spaces he manages to be lethal and the goal is everything for him. He needs to feel happy when he plays and that’s what’s happening at Roma. He feels the warmth of the people, the trust of Mourinho, he feels a newfound joy that he had lost a bit in the gray Turin afternoons. Paulo wants to win, like Mourinho, he wants to reciprocate the fans’ affection with a trophy. He is establishing himself within the group to be a leader on and off the pitch. He cares so much for Roma, for the club that has focused on him, for his teammates who have welcomed him very well, for the coach who has a lot of attention towards him and who almost always saves him the last quarter of an hour. He doesn’t want to proclaim, it’s still early, but he wants to win.

The penalties

He is confident that the team can improve, but the psychological repercussions of Wijnaldum’s injury were felt. In those days the group lost certainty, then reacted. Dybala is convinced that his friend Belotti will also contribute when he has more minutes in his legs. Together they can score many goals. As condition Paulo has improved, he can play three games in one week without problems and he is convinced that he will grow further.
On Monday in Empoli Pellegrini missed the penalty. They decided together on the moment that the captain would pull him, he needed it, since this year he is still dry. But the penalty takers are him, Dybala and Abraham and it will be decided from time to time. Yesterday Paulo rested, they returned home very late, at 4 in the morning. He has to recover energy for tomorrow. To be the protagonist again.

Dybala from another planet

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Dybala from another planet

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