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Paolo Fox horoscope week from 14 to 21 September 2022: The targeted zodiac and ranking – Controcopertina

Paolo Fox horoscope from 14 to 21 September Aries

Today: bring out the solidarity in you. Today look for the clothes you no longer wear and distribute them to those who need them most. Love: prevent jealousy from playing tricks on you. Think twice before making ironic comments that upset your partner. Wealth: new managements and important activities are born. Don’t make any radical changes, just improve what you have. Well being: alternative therapies will help you in this inner change you are looking for. Get informed and practice some oriental discipline, it will do you good.

Horoscope Paolo Fox from 14 to 21 September Taurus

Today: your social relationships will take a big turn, even if they manifest themselves in very different ways. Love: A suitable situation to please the person who attracts you with a romantic dinner and a quiet night. Wealth: you may receive money during this time, however, it may not be in the best of circumstances.Well being: in order for your body to function well, you need to sleep the corresponding hours, only then can you really rest physically and mentally.

Paolo Fox horoscope from 14 to 21 September Gemini

Today: a phase is approaching where you should take advantage to develop your business. You will get great benefits.Love: recreational virtual encounters with friends will stimulate your most romantic side. Pay attention to indirect signals.Wealth: the knowledge you have at your disposal will increase your self-esteem and reputation. Thanks to this, your work situation will improve.Well being: try to rest a little more and thus relax from the daily stress of your work. Renew your interest in a healthy life as much as possible.

Paolo Fox horoscope from 14 to 21 September Cancer

Today: very favorable period for the development of ideas, projects and everything that puts you in contact with other people. Love: you will feel that your partner is a person who tends to hold on and this gives you the feeling of not being able to move on.Wealth: perhaps you feel that your lack of decision in matters of work disappoints you. Pay attention to your intuitions. Well being: you will feel to regain strength and energy. It wouldn’t hurt to take a vitamin and mineral supplement.

Paolo Fox horoscope from 14 to 21 September Leo

Today: nothing and no one will stop your march. Today they will try to put sticks in the wheel but your adaptability will take you to the finish line.Love: it’s time to close the circles. That unfinished story deserves an end, since your partner won’t be able to cope with the past. Wealth: the advice of a relative will help you put your financial affairs in order. Listen to your elders more. Well being: in your work there is a certain atmosphere of tension and betrayal. The best thing will be to distance yourself from some colleagues and get closer to others.

Paolo Fox horoscope from 14 to 21 September Virgo

Today: try to be more spontaneous in your daily chores, the time has come to give yourself those pleasures that you had postponed. Love: you will experience moments of great illusions in your emotional relationships. Calm comes after the storms.Wealth: don’t expect too much from your colleagues, as they can let you down when you need them.Well being: you will not always be able to moderate yourself and respect a measured lifestyle. Every now and then you will get carried away by exaggerations that do not help you.

Horoscope Paolo Fox from 14 to 21 September Libra

Two hearts and a hut are not for you and neither are two hearts and a tent. Even on vacation, the thought goes to finance, but be careful, he or she could get annoyed. VOTE from 1 to 10: 7

Horoscope Paolo Fox from 14 to 21 September Scorpio

Either punches or kisses, there are no alternatives: emotions that are too strong make you lose the trebizond. You will come to your senses, but in the meantime it will be September, with sunburned skin and even more heart. VOTE from 1 to 10: 5

Paolo Fox horoscope from 14 to 21 September Sagittarius

All July to work with his tongue out, but finally in August…. my boss I don’t know you! At least try to get to know your partner, because if you fail, he will make you pay dearly. VOTE from 1 to 10: 6

Horoscope Paolo Fox from 14 to 21 September Capricorn

Some go to Berlin, some to Honolulu and some to Marrakech. You, on the other hand, stay in your grandmother’s house to make jam. With everyone, partners and all fours, for a green holiday: basically, bread, love, ecology! VOTE from 1 to 10: 10

Paolo Fox horoscope from 14 to 21 September Aquarius

Midnight Escape, the title of a film … but it will be fine even at noon, just to get out of the cage. Desire for freedom, solitude, autonomy, ready to take you on the grand tour of the Alps, as long as your partner does not follow you, to get sick there too! VOTE from 1 to 10: 4

Paolo Fox horoscope from 14 to 21 September Pisces

Summer globetrotter, as you would never have imagined doing, just you, the most sedentary sign. But life changes, so you prevent it by changing it yourself. Romantic July, reasonable September. VOTE from 1 to 10: 7

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