Today's horoscope Wednesday, September 14, 2022: Taurus and Virgo purr

Today’s horoscope Wednesday, September 14, 2022: Taurus and Virgo purr

Horoscope for all zodiac signs

Today’s horoscope, Wednesday 14 September 2022, and forecasts sign by sign about love, work and luck. The Moon in Taurus brings some peace. On the other hand, the Sun opposed to Neptune and Venus that challenges Mars, seem to put a spoke in the wheel to the natural and direct expression of emotions.

Today’s horoscope, Wednesday 14 September 2022, and the forecasts on love, work and luck for all the zodiac signs. There are several clashes between the planets in the sky today.

Mercury is opposite to Jupiter, Venus is square to Mars and the Sun is opposite to Neptune. As if to say that the expression and reception of feelings will not be taken for granted.

With a Moon definitely in the very feminine sign of Taurus, today the unfortunate zodiac sign is Scorpio while the lucky sign it is Taurus himself.

Horoscope, the ranking of the luckiest signs of the week from 12 to 18 September 2022: Virgo and Taurus still in love


Insecurities and doubts perpetuate in your mind, and this kind of instability makes you increasingly restless. It is always the planet of thought, Mercury, that is hostile to you. You feel like the British monarchy facing a moment of uncertainty about its future. Always remember that you must first focus on the present. Don’t get too many saves.

The horoscope of the day for the sign of Aries

Love: put all your energy here.
Work: expressing your positions is highly discouraged.
Health: even killing yourself with sports will not guarantee clarity in your thoughts.
Tip of the day: I know that you would need a supercomputer to manage the planning of the activities of your children after school, but I assure you that with a simple Excel you can do it too.
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You know how to cause the same effect as the Amerigo Vespucci when it was spotted by US aircraft carrier George HW Bush, who invited a message describing it as the most beautiful ship in the world. With Venus and the Moon in favor today you are irresistibly sexy.

Today's horoscope for Taurus

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Taurus

Love: master this art like a master.
Work: it’s time for great successes.
Health: your smile is from the ola of the south curve of Rome.
Tip of the day: The famous phrase nothing is thrown away is absolutely part of your daily lexicon. In fact, you could suggest wonderful recipes for the “imperfect” products that are thrown away every day. We look forward to your blog on this issue.
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You think you always know everything, but every now and then you should call your ego back and think about doing a nice update as it should, like the one of iOS 16 that manages to integrate everything … perhaps for the most geeks, even the automatic toilet. Sometimes Mercury in favor just doesn’t solve everything.

Today's horoscope for Gemini

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Gemini

Love: more than talking, go straight to the facts.
Work: you could get lost in a glass of water.
Health: bet everything on muscles and sex appeal.
Tip of the day: On long train or car journeys you might listen to interesting audio books so, without even realizing it, you could learn something new. I think you really like it.
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You really don’t know how to avoid gossip, and you could indulge in comments between bitter and sarcastic, like those of Fabrizio Corona on the most talked about couple of the moment Blasi-Totti. Try to limit your statements as much as possible, because with Mercury against you might even regret it.

Today's horoscope for Cancer

The horoscope of the day for the sign of Cancer

Love: focus on small gestures.
Work: you feel in a Hesher labyrinth, suddenly you fly with the swallows.
Health: infinite sweetness is an excellent pill for a good mood.
Tip of the day: look for another passion in addition to gossip, because after a while knowing the 2000 story by heart becomes really boring, especially for those who listen to you.
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Today is the day when you feel the most angry of the Juventus-Salernitana players, who get into a fight for a goal. I really think you are suffering again from a very pungent Saturn, to which today is also added a beautiful crooked Moon. Take a deep breath and remember the importance of fair play, even when the planets are adverse.

Today's horoscope for Leo

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Leo

Love: you are in Bostik glue mode.
Work: it’s time to prove your worth. Force!
Health: you are not only muscles but also brain!
Tip of the day: relaxing with good shopping is always a great idea. But before throwing yourself on the bag of the moment, the Fendi “baguette”, first check that you don’t already have it in your closet, or maybe you could take a vintage one off your mom or your aunt. After all, re-use is the real trend.
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Learn to smooth out the corners a little and try to change stereotypes, even if they are often a solid foundation for you. With Venus in favor helping you to embrace ‘almost’ everything, you might as well succeed. Get inspiration from the Treccani Encyclopedia, which changed the order for both adjectives and specifics. Resign yourself, that with these variations consulting the Dictionary will no longer be so immediate.

Today's horoscope for Virgo

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Virgo

Love: put aside your performance anxiety.
Work: you’ll have to get used to making basic mistakes.
Health: let go of everything, even the sculpted abdominal.
Tip of the day: Always prefer zero km products are good for both your territory and your kitchen. Always preferred.
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Weight scale

Rejoice in this moment of yours when the sky smiles at you and feel grateful just like the multi-artist Klaus, Youtuber, influencer and very famous DJ. With Mercury in your sign you finally realize that to be successful the important thing is to do what you like. A simple recipe but not always so obvious.

Today's horoscope for Libra

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Libra

Love true shameless.
Work bold and convincing as never before.
Health: you are wonderfully sexy and you know it very well.
Tip of the day: let yourself be taken by the desire to buy a Smemoranda, the diary of when you also went to high school. Asking your colleagues to make a dedication or write appointments directly with the pen will be a nice way to get back into the work rhythm.
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You are somewhat annoying today, due to a very crooked Moon, and you would do anything to annoy those who have always been on your feet a bit. Just like the Scots who are trying to drive King Charles III crazy, because they don’t want to make the stone of Scone a fundamental relic for the coronation. I assure you that you are even worse.

Today's horoscope for Scorpio

The horoscope of the day for the sign of Scorpio

Love: you’re getting a taste for it.
Work: don’t get caught up in emotional outbursts.
Health: already in your beloved pajamas from 19:00.
Tip of the day: at this historic moment you could certainly buy some Queen Elizabeth gadgets, you never know that in a few years they can become unavailable and even increase in value.
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Remember that even stars follow their dreams and passions, and are not always limited by what people might think. I know that Venus and Mars against have definitely lowered your self-esteem. But think of the joy painted on Silvester Stallone’s face when he met one of his myths about him: Sergio Mattarella. I assure you that such a tender and excited Rocky has never been seen.

Today's horoscope for Sagittarius

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Sagittarius

Love: you are absolutely not taken seriously.
Work: threats I assure you they don’t work.
Health: Pouting is your new favorite expression.
Tip of the day: Practice the oriental discipline of Thai Chi, which helps to focus and effectively direct energies. And you really need it right now.
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That you are not quite the brightest in the room you have noticed by yourself, and the blame is to be given to Mercury in quadrature which since last week is also retrograde, so it creates even more confusion. In fact, you could mistake the images of the solar surface formed by giant honey-yellow grains for an immense sesame crunch. Remember that everything is (almost) never what it seems to you.

Today's horoscope for Capricorn

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Capricorn

Love: unbeatable in this field.
Work: available to cooperate.
Health: you are more Zen than a teacher who has been meditating on a mountain for years.
Tip of the day: Try to reorganize your routine punctually, perhaps by helping yourself with small alarms on the phone agenda. So when the phone rings you will have a vague idea that you have to do something.
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Despite some minor annoyances given by the Moon, today you are particularly excited, thanks to Mars, and you could also go to celebrate with the players of the national volleyball team who have become world champions. I warn you that any excuse is good for revelry.

Today's horoscope for Aquarius

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Aquarius

Love: achievements abound.
Work: helping everyone is your mission.
Health: everything is possible for you. Even the beauty routine.
Tip of the day: I know that you are always busy with chores but for this very reason remember to have a ‘king’ breakfast also because the rest of the day just nibbles.
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Your logistics, these days, is as impossible as that of Artemis 1, who can think of embarking on the journey to the moon only by “getting it right” some time slots of a few hours every 25 days. Keeping all of this in mind just makes you dizzy. Mars has definitely knocked you out.

Today's horoscope for Pisces

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Pisces

Love: complaining about the lack of attention is not a solution.
Work: At the very least, expect that you are always asked to please.
Health: if the controversy were a sport, you would be world champions.
Tip of the day: remember that this is the week school starts again. Resign yourself to waking up at dawn to prepare breakfast. Don’t get hurt right away.
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