Rai, the conductor's fatal drama: "found dead on the seat" - Show only

Rai, the conductor’s fatal drama: “found dead on the seat” – Show only

A well-known RAI presenter tells of a harrowing drama that still dates back to his youth. A tragic loss that particularly marked him and that even today, after a long time, it hurts him a lot to remember. His words full of intense pain.

A great drama hides in the life of a presenter and real showman, much loved by Italians of all ages. His bitter confession …

Even the Viale Mazzini Company, since those who work there, be they technicians, editors and / or presenters, are still people, human beings, and as such none of them are immune from misfortunes or bad stories in their life, owns his background in the biographies of those who are part of it. In particular, a conductor that we all know well gave a nice interview to a well-known paper newspaper where he was able to tell with an open heart a fact of his past which seems to have marked him a lot, but who is it?

The drama of a great showman

We have seen him lead numerous programs since its beginnings on the Small Screen. He also has a younger brother of eight years who – instead – is an actor by profession, both for cinema and for TV, although initially he took his first steps in the vast world of entertainment together with him and then took the helm of one of his well-known programs, adored primarily by young people, which toured the squares all over Italy and which was broadcast by Italia Uno. In addition, the conductor in question, who also sings very well, when he made himself known to the general public was famous for his tail, or rather, for his long tail. Did you understand who we are talking about?

Rosario Fiorello, in his past a terrible tragedy: the wound is still open

It is – obviously – Rosario Fiorellostill definable today and even with good reason as a true master in knowing how to hold the stage so much so that it is impossible to attribute to him a profession and / or figure in particular in the complex stage art.

Today the 62 year old told al Corriere della Sera in an open-hearted interview, granted to the television critic Aldo Grasso, that he was struck by a terrible tragedy which fell on his family to which he is – to say the least – very close.

With this he referred to the decidedly premature death of his father at the age of 59, which left in him an incredible emptiness in his heart, in his soul and in his mind as a boy and then as a man.

“The saddest moment of my life was the death of my father, he was only 59 years old. I’m 62 now but I thought I couldn’t make it over 59 “, Fiore first revealed and then added some sad details about what happened:” He was dancing with my mother, he was absent for a moment: “Sarina I forgot my cigarettes in the car, I’ll be right back “, e they found him dead sitting on the seat.

But where was he at that precise moment? “I was at the beginning of my career, in Sanremo with Radio Deejay (I don’t know if I ever said that but my reluctance for Sanremo stems from this event), I called home and nobody answered me. Then I made a tour of relatives and they told me that my father was sick, to come back immediately (in reality he was already dead) ”, he said shortly after. He was clearly alarmed and tried to get home as soon as possible, but unfortunately when his father arrived he had already gone to the other world.

“I ran in the night to Pila, in Val d’Aosta, to pick up my brother who worked there and together we returned to Sicily for the funeral. I’m sorry my dad didn’t see anything I did then I was at the beginning “revealed the immense artist who at the end also wanted to make a very personal and decidedly bitter confession: “The sea of ​​Sanremo always reminds me of the tears I shed that evening for my father that I still needed so much. I also thought of quitting it, of never returning to Milan, of ending it there. “

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