Paola, Elvira e Clara / Il paradiso delle signore

The ladies’ paradise 7, previews from 19 to 23 September 2022

Paola, Elvira and Clara / The ladies' paradise

Paola, Elvira and Clara / The ladies’ paradise

Stefania wakes up thinking about the moment of separation from her mother at the end of the engagement party. Ezio would like to find a solution to speed up Gloria’s release and Vittorio decides to organize the presentation of Colombo’s book, The rediscovered mother, to Paradise. Matilde renounces to return to Belluno to stay close to Adelaide (at the mercy of Umberto’s blackmail) and suggests that she confess the truth to Marco before he discovers it from others. The news arrives at Casa Amato that Tina is expecting a baby, but the pregnancy is at risk and Agnese thinks of leaving for London. Meanwhile Gemma, after a difficult return to Paradise, finds the courage to face Stefania.

Gemma tells Ezio and Veronica about the meeting she had the night before with her half-sister, who accepted her apologies but was also very cold with her. Marcello returns from Switzerland: he is a different man, but his feelings for Ludovica have not changed. Roberto discovers that Gemma is looking for a job and, after confronting Vittorio, proposes a vote among the Venuses to decide whether to take her back to Paradise. While Umberto lies to Flora about the expedient used to neutralize Adelaide, the Countess finds the courage to confess her crime to Marco, who takes her very badly. Meanwhile Matilde and Vittorio meet again and introduce themselves.

Ladies’ paradise 6 spoilers: Anna leaves for America

Irene, Anna’s daughter, requires a lot of effort and the Amato’s try to organize themselves to look after her. Gemma, accepted back to Paradise, he says he has found another job and refuses his reinstatement as Venus; Ezio, however, learns that the girl has lied and makes her change her mind. Matilde does not show up for the appointment with Vittorio. Umberto discovers that the Countess has confessed the truth to Marco and at that point she realizes that she did it to get rid of her blackmail. Meanwhile, Marco doesn’t know whether to tell Stefania that Adelaide tried to hinder Gloria’s exit from prison to attend their engagement party.

The presence of Brunella Gasperini, a well-known Milanese journalist and writer, is at risk at the presentation of Stefania’s book. Vittorio, having organized the event at Paradiso, asks Adelaide for help, who takes the opportunity to right the wrong done to Marco and decides to intercede with her high-ranking acquaintances, thus guaranteeing her support. Meanwhile, Anna receives a phone call that upsets her. Irene tries to put Clara in trouble, but she is helped by Gemma. Marcello follows Ludovica’s story in the magazines, while Fiorenza proposes to Umberto an alliance against the Countess. Matilde receives a note from her husband, Tancredi, who invites her for the next day, when he is elected President of the Circolo della Stampa.

Matilde is undecided whether to accept her husband’s invitation. Marcello, on the other hand, is increasingly determined to win back Ludovica, despite the photos of her that appeared in the magazines that portray the girl with Torrebruna. In the meantime, the big day has arrived for Stefania: the whole of Heaven attends the presentation of her book, held by Gasperini, except for a few. Clara tells Veronica the story of Luigino, the child to whom Gemma was able to find a family. At the end of the evening, Vittorio meets Matilde in tears. Anna leaves for America with her mother who will have to undergo a delicate operation. At the behest of Anna herself, Salvo remains alone in Milan, since Agnese will also go to London to see Tina.

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