Where is the Alessandro Borghese restaurant and how much does it cost to eat there?

Where is the Alessandro Borghese restaurant and how much does it cost to eat there?

All you need to know about where the Alessandro Borghese restaurant is located and how much does it cost to eat there? Let’s find out. Useful information.

The chef Alessandro Borghese became a very famous and much loved TV personality. In addition to television broadcasts, Borghese is also known for his restaurants.

Where is the Alessandro Borghese restaurant and how much does it cost to eat there? Let’s find out (Photo: www.alessandroborterdam.com)

The protagonist of successful programs such as “4 Restaurants” And “Celebrity Chef“Is the owner a restaurant in Venice And one in Milanincluded under the brand name “Alessandro Borghese – the luxury of simplicity“.

Below, you will find all the information in detail on Borghese restaurants in Milan and Venice and how much you spend on a lunch or dinner. Here’s what you need to know.

First, we also remind you where to find Ernst Knam’s pastry shop in Milananother chef who became famous on TV.

Where is the Alessandro Borghese restaurant and how much does it cost to eat there?

Loved by everyone for his valuable advice on cooking, service, presentation and preparation of dishes, Alessandro Borghese he is not just a television chef expert in restaurants and food consulting. He also has his own restaurantsin important and beautiful cities, which have naturally become as popular as he is.

But how much to eat at Alessandro Borghese’s? THE prices of his menu are they accessible or prohibitive? Let’s find out how much is spent in Borghese restaurants in Milan and Venice.

Milan restaurant

AB Milano (www.facebook.com/ABillussodellasemplicita)

The Milanese restaurant “The luxury of simplicity” by Alessandro Borghese is located in Viale Belisarioclose to the neighborhood City Life. The menu offers a wide choice of appetizers, first and second desserts.

The cost of a meal naturally depends on the number of courses. The base price is between 80 and 100 euros eachexcluding drinks.

The appetizer “Tuna on the Rock” costs 37 euros, the “Kaleidoscope”, with pecorino cheese and beetroot, 24 euros, the “Supplì on the phone” 20 euros. Among the first courses, pasta “Cheese and pepper“, Specialty of Borghese, what 24 euros, while the” Tagliatella Pasta Fresca – The luxury of simplicity “has a price of 28 euros. Secondly, the “Porchetta di Agnello” and the “Rollé Olé” cost 39 euros each, the “Ricciola Bedda” 33 euros. Finally, among the desserts, the “Tiramisù Moderno al Marsala Superiore” costs 20 euros, as well as the other desserts, while the ice cream or sorbet of the day is 13 euros.

The menu in detail at this link: https://www.alessandroboriferi.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/menu-9-9-milano.pdf

Venice restaurant

AB Venezia (www.facebook.com/ABillussodellasemplicita)

Borghese’s restaurant to Venice opened last spring in a part of the Casino building, overlooking on the Grand Canalin the Cannaregio district.

Here the menu offers gourmet dishes, with contaminations of traditional Venetian cuisine, together with the typical cicchetti. In addition, next to the restaurant with a traditional menu, the bistro is also available to customers, open from 10 am for breakfast, brunch, aperitifs and everything else you could wish for.

Here too the prices depend on the number of courses and the type of recipe. For a good meal you spend at least 100 euros each, without drinks.

The menu of bistro offers oysters and raw fish, from 6 to 8 euros per piece. While “Il Bucintoro”, the grand plateau of raw fish is 150 euros, 180 with the addition of caviar. The small cooked and marinated dishes range from 8 euros for the “Babaganoush” to 22 euros for the “Anchovies of the Cantabrian”. Then there are the fried between 12 and 16 euros.

The menu of the classic restaurant includes among the starters the “smoked scallop” at 34 euros, the “Gallina in sABor” at 30 euros, the “Diplomatica di Baccalà creamed” also at 30 euros. For the first courses, the “Cacio e Pepe” costs 28 euros, the “Linguine Pasta Armando” costs 35 euros, the “Gnocchetti of fresh pasta” 30 euros. The second courses offer a choice of fish and meat dishes: “Ombrina in Barena” at 35 euros, “Duck with peat” 38 euros, “Roasted eel” 36 euros and “Porchetta di Lamb” 40 euros. Finally, the desserts: “Chocolate Mousse” for 18 euros, the house Tiramisu for 14 euros and a selection of cheeses and mustards for 28 euros.

For more details: https://www.alessandroborterdam.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/menu-19-8-venezia.pdf

In both restaurants, children have a dedicated menu.

alessandro borghese restaurant
Alessandro Borghese (Photo: www.alessandroborterdam.com)

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