Spalletti: "Champions Eve is like Christmas Eve, let's go and unwrap the gifts"

Spalletti: “Champions Eve is like Christmas Eve, let’s go and unwrap the gifts”

The Azzurri coach: “Our growth passes through matches like this one. I’m sorry there aren’t our fans “

“For me it’s like Christmas Eve because tomorrow I’m going to unwrap the presents. This competition makes me happy ”. Luciano Spalletti, after having passionately scrutinized the stands of Ibrox, thus introduces himself in the press room. These challenges exalt him: “We had one more day to prepare for this match. We need to be ready for the climate of this stadium, our growth passes from this match. Physically, they have benefited from not playing. But I would like to offer condolences to the family and to a nation. Something extraordinary happened. I’m sorry there aren’t our fans, but we will feel their strength, their pushing us on the right side ”.

Admiration for the Scots

“They manage to concentrate everything in one game. You have to be good at reacting within that vocal, environmental, physical pressure. Everything comes at you. I know the team well and the signals I receive are good. I see them much safer and more peaceful ”. Passion: “This is a group for football sentimentals because there are historic clubs. And since these competitions don’t happen often to be there. Such a group is to be lived with happiness. They feel a lot the difference between playing outside and inside. I expect a higher reaction from them than in a normal game. When you come to these fields you cannot put it on the same level, we would lose. The pace will be high, we know, there is only one way: keep the ball and now we do what we think. I put it on the floor and I start. The difference between doing well and a bad guy “. A throw away the ball, said in Tuscan.

plays Simeone

The coach gives the indication on the choice of the center forward: “Raspadori is very good at sewing the game. He has raced more than a few midfielders. Now we need different things here and I’m thinking about it. With Simeone the depth is more attached. He likes it and even goes beyond the grandstand to chase her. He is very strong and goes to get what passes. When I let him in and I want to explain things to him, he is ready and he tells me “let me play, I’m 30 seconds longer on the pitch”. It’s the right attitude ”. Spalletti is not afraid of tiredness: “There are still few matches to feel tired. So far we are fine with the minutes. The last 20 minutes are the ones that can leave waste, they are more toxic ”.

I see Azzurro

Spalletti closes: “I want to congratulate my colleague De Giorgi and captain Giannelli for the splendid world championship won. And good luck to our national basketball team. We are satisfied and proud of them ”.

concentrated anguissa

The Cameroonian midfielder says: “It will be a very difficult match but we are here to win, I want to be clear. Let’s forget the game with Liverpool and let’s focus on Rangers who are a good team, we have to play with respect, don’t think you can win easy. I am very happy with my first match in the Champions League. I play well when the team does it ”. In the first year not even a goal and not very incisive in front of goal what has changed? “I don’t think it has changed that much. I feel more confident now. I know I can score. I want to play well. And let the team win. I don’t know if this is the best time of my career in football. Things are always evolving ”.

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