Francesco Totti against Ilary Blasi: depression, lost rolexes, Noe ...

Francesco Totti against Ilary Blasi: depression, lost rolexes, Noe …

Alex Nuccetelli, the pr friend of the former Roma captain, returns to reveal. As well as Fabrizio Corona. And even Rocco Siffredi says about him about the separation of the year. And the lawyers begin to cross blades

Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi: while the ex-wife’s seizure of Rolexes and the counter-seizure of handbags are held on social media, new details of the “Totti’s” battle emerge photo | video

Ilary Blasi runs to recover his daughter and Francesco Totti runs away from Noemi Bocchi. Waiting for the first meeting with the lawyers – look

“I WILL NEVER INTERFACE WITH A MARRIED MAN AND CHILDREN”. And instead. According to Alex Nuccetelli, Totti’s PR friend were these the words of Noemi Bocchi after the meeting with Francesco. Nuccetelli speaking to Your Facts on Raidue confirmed the version of the former Giallorossi. «Francesco has always been very close to his family and his wife. Whatever I proposed to him, he always replied: “Let’s hear what Ilary says, let’s see what Ilary wants to do”. Then the crisis and the arrival of Noemi. «They had already met at a padel tournament in Sardinia, where Ilary was also there. Francesco had noticed it. Then I managed to make them meet again because of this depression of him. But Noemi told me: “I will never interface with a married man and with children”. She is a good girl. I don’t know if he is really in love with her, but with her Francesco is reborn ».

Ilary Blasi, that’s who Cristiano Iovino is: he looks like his new flame – look

THE ROLEX OF TOTTI – Francesco’s rolexes, now it is assumed they are in the hands of Ilary or his lawyers – they have always had an adventurous life so much so that the distracted captain had lost some two years ago and to find it he put a post on Facebook “I lost my watch to whom I was very attached and with whom I shared my entire career. I turn to you in the hope that you can find it. I know it’s almost impossible, but trying doesn’t hurt. It is a steel Daytona with a white dial and in the strap it has two plates with the letter C (Cristian and Chanel). Thank you in advance. I’ll come in person to get it. ‘ For the record, that kind of models are worth between 30 and 40 thousand euros (as long as they are not particular editions).

Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi clandestine on a yacht. Ilary Blasi takes away the faith and … – look

COUNTDOWN ALL’ARMAGGEDDON TOFFANIN – A bet that is too easy to win, the one that we will soon see Ilary Blasi sitting in Verissimo’s living room next to her friend Silvia Toffanin to tell her version of events. Many say the episode has already been recorded and is only waiting for the lawyers’ ok to be broadcast. Meanwhile, the showgirl delights in provoking the Pupone first by wearing a black and white shirt (Juventus has nothing to do with it is a high fashion garment) then showing herself in a schoolgirl version with a light white T-shirt and skirt.

Ilary Blasi, single holidays over: now she changes her life and haircut (so as not to look like Noemi Bocchi) – look

CROWN BOMBS – Could Fabrizio Corona be missing? No, he has some open accounts with Ilary and he needs to emerge. And on social media he goes wild promising bombshell revelations. The first? A photo posted on instagram with a beautiful blonde Martina, and the caption “Number 1”. A puzzle for everyone, except for those directly concerned.

Ilary Blasi in the countryside (and without faith), Francesco Totti father without stain (and without Noemi Bocchi): battle of … image waiting for the legal one – look


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