The Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 Pro arrives on Android (badly). Was it really necessary to copy it?

The Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 Pro arrives on Android (badly). Was it really necessary to copy it?

One of the things that has certainly caused the greatest sensation among the features presented by Apple on its new ones iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max last September 7 at the Keynote from Cupertino, the so-called Dynamic Island. A feature created by the company to take advantage of the important pill hole present on the iPhone and which hides selfie camera and Face ID sensors. This new feature has already been reproduced on a ROM of an Android smartphone and at this point one wonders if it was really necessary to do it and especially if it will be possible to see originality in the future in the world of Android smartphones.

Dynamic Island arrives on Android: did we really need it?

Dynamic Island a gimmick that for many has been defined as a genius for the way in which it was not only conceived but also and above all made. Yes, because basically the Dynamic Island does nothing more than create graphic interactions important right at the top of the screen where the pill is positioned that today takes the place of the famous and much hated notch. It allows the user not only to have real-time information on notifications but also to go to position the apps when they are running but do not need to be really in the foreground. And let’s talk for example about the music player or even a note or a timer.

Not infrequently, Apple’s innovations are first criticized and targeted with even digs from competing manufacturers and then instead they are also replicated on Android smartphones. And it seems that the same thing could soon happen with the new Dynamic Island as well as a developer is going to help all users who crave this new feature on their Android smartphone. In this case, via Twitter, someone had the unfortunate idea of ​​implementing a sort of Dynamic Island in a theme dedicated toMIUIby Xiaomi.

The theme in question is calledGrumpy UIand allows you to view notifications by expanding them and consequently hiding the hole in the camera display. Unlike the original Dynamic Island, this one does not expand from the camera hole, but the notification is displayed alongside to zoom in once the user wants to interact with it. evident that this is only a first attempt (even not very well done) to copy what Apple has done on the iPhone 14 Pro but equally clear that it won’t take long before some other developer can refine it and bring it to a greater number of devices, perhaps as the next functional novelty of Android devices.

But does a Dynamic Island on an Android smartphone make sense? Certainly not or at least it makes no sense if shamelessly copied as seen in the video, that is without a sense and above all without a reason. Yes, because Apple had a reason to introduce its Dynamic Island and that is to make useful that empty display space that is aesthetically certainly not beautiful but that in this way becomes less ugly, useful for those who are using the iPhone and iconic as happened with the notch. This is why shamelessly copying something without a real reason for use makes little sense. Or maybe to be interpreted with the fact that usually copied things are copied because they are always indicators of novelty and therefore appreciated and desired.

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