Why Marquez's return is good and what risks he runs

Why Marquez’s return is good and what risks he runs

The press release from Honda announcing the Spaniard’s return to the track is good news for all fans. However, there are still some unknowns that only the track will be able to dispel

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– Milan

Marc Marquez never ceases to amaze, ready to return to the race from the next Aragon GP, ​​one hundred and ten days after his last race. Marquez returns to racing in MotoGP not because he is caught by a sudden rush, but because he feels “okay” both physically and psychologically and, above all, because he is declared “fit” by the competent health facilities. Moreover, Marquez’s state of physical and mental health as well as his level of competitiveness had clearly emerged in the last tests at Misano two days after the GP of 4 September: despite the forced long stop, the Cervera champion had certainly not disfigured, even the fastest among Honda riders.

state of form

Forced to forfeit from 29 May due to the persistence of problems in his right humerus, operated for the fourth time in the USA and having passed all the medical tests, after increasingly intense training, he had good feelings in getting back on his Honda MotoGP in the two days of tests in Misano on 6 and 7 September. Today’s press release from Team HRC on Marquez’s return to the Aragon GP explains the situation and points out in the central point: “The goal for the weekend is to continue improving his form on the bike”. Words that leave every way open with respect to what Marquez will be able to do on the track. One thing is certain: Marc is not a driver who comes back to be an extra. Doubts remain not so much about his level of “giving the gas” and of making competitive lap times, if anything doubts about the holding of an entire race made always on competitive times and in any case stressful also for its duration. If the bone seems to have healed 100% by now, there is, however, the question of the muscles that cannot yet be at the level they were before.

great news

For MotoGP this is great news that adds interest to an already effervescent championship for the very open title fight between Quartararo, Aleix Espargaro, Bagnaia and with the still real possibility of other riders to compete for the title and, in any case, to enter the battle for the podium in the six remaining GPs. To really understand how Marc Marquez is today there is no other way than to get on track, not for a few laps of a test, but for two days of official tests and for the very hard qualifying and then for the real exam. definitive of an entire race, very tight from the first to the last meter. This is Marc Marquez’s challenge today.

risks and objectives

So, beyond today’s optimistic statements and the push of the “system” (Dorna, Honda, Sponsors, Circuit Organizers, TV), it is now important to understand what goals the Spaniard will set himself. We are talking about a champion of great experience and competitive maturity, however, tested by this last “lesson” for the mistakes already made by him and his staff in returning hastily after the first surgery. So, with respect to his risks, Marquez, like all his colleagues, knows very well what he can or cannot do on the track. The decision made today is based on the real status of Marquez as a man / rider but it does not mean that he will be fully respected, “however he goes” on the track. Marquez will make the final decision after checking lap times and health, up to FP3 or even after qualifying on Saturday afternoon. At that point, all the elements are in place to make Marquez make a considered decision. This time the right decision, not based on sensations, but on the chronometer and on the real physical state put to the test on the pitch.

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