Ilary Blasi without brakes on Totti's disconcerting statements: "I've seen things that ..."

Ilary Blasi without brakes on Totti’s disconcerting statements: “I’ve seen things that …”

The one between Blasi and Totti is an endless soap opera. Now, however, the story is seasoned with absurd statements by the pupone. But Ilary’s reply is not long in coming and it is incredible.

Two months after the announcement of the separation between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi the silence so much perpetrated by the two former spouses has been broken. Totti spoke about his wife in a baffling interview with Corriere della Sera where he details the end of a relationship lasted for twenty years. The former footballer reveals the steps of the separation by accusing Ilary of having betrayed him first.

In the interview, the pupone states that with Noemi would start after New Year and only because she had read Ilary’s compromising messages with other men. The statements do not stop there indeed Totti is a real river in flood. The Blasi, according to the man, would have no intention of doing a peaceful separation but is determined to go to court.

The legal battle for custody of the children and to divide the huge fortune is in preparation and right now it looks like hell. The footballer harshly criticizes the behavior of his wife who he believes is only intended to spite him. He confesses some private matters that throw mud on the mother of his children. The man declares:

“I hid the bags from her, hoping for an exchange… But there was no way. And that’s not all. You got a private investigator to follow me. People very close to her put bedbugs in my car, and the GPS to know where I was going; when it was enough for him to ask me. Other people have stationed themselves under Noemi’s house …[…] And where is the scandal? By now everyone knows about our history.

I try to live it with discretion, always so as not to upset the kids. That’s not all. She went with her father to empty the safety deposit boxes, and took away my watch collection. He didn’t even leave the guarantees, not even the boxes. There are some very valuable Rolexes. He claims I gave them to him; but if they are men’s watches. I refuse to think it’s a question of money. If anything, it’s a spite “.

In short, Francesco Totti started his war, not having taken into account that, however, these very strong words of hers could have had a devastating effect on their children.

Regarding the custody and management of the huge Euro house, the pupone states: […] “She wrote her statement, to argue that she had done something to save the relationship, and I didn’t. I didn’t want to go to court. So I proposed: we think first of the children, we leave the house to them, and we take turns, we make three days for each one. I didn’t want to see the guys with the suitcase in their hand, between Eur and North Rome.

But Ilary said no. So I proposed to divide the house, after all it is large. Or get one all for yourself. Nothing to do: only she wants to stay in the house, and that’s it. Then we didn’t speak anymore, because she left with her sister for Tanzania. A vacation paid for by me. “

Following these accusatory statements, the response of Ilary was not late in arriving and issued a statement to the Republic in which she states:

“I have always protected my children and will continue to protect them. The protection of my children comes first, everyone is responsible for their actions “.

But that’s not all, it seems that sources close to the presenter are aware of background on Totti really shocking and they say with confidence:

“Llary has seen things in recent years that could ruin about fifty families”

It is evident that the situation is truly degenerating and, as was to be expected, the only real victims of this reckless interview are the children of a love that has reached its final setbacks.

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