Alfonso Signorini: "Noemi Bocchi can't wait to enter the house that belongs to her"

Alfonso Signorini: “Noemi Bocchi can’t wait to enter the house that belongs to her”

Alfonso Signorini tells about his next edition of Big Brother Vip on the number of Chi. The director of the weekly is unbalanced on the competitors and also talks about Noemi Bocchi, the new partner of Francesco Totti.

Alfonso Signorini is ready to kick off a new edition of the Big Brother Vip, the seventh to be exact, which under his supervision becomes increasingly “social” with strategic choices that wink at youth trends and aim to make reality even more viral. Meanwhile, his weekly continues to beat gossip news, especially those concerning the most talked about breakup of the year, the one between Totti And Ilary Blasi.

The words about Noemi Bocchi

And it is precisely on the couple that broke out this summer that Signorini is teased, when asked about a possible entry into Noemi Bocchi’s house, now that the Cinecittà home is about to open its doors, he replies: “I believe that Noemi Bocchi is looking forward to entering the house, but to another house which, at this point, belongs to her“The house in question is certainly not that of the Canale 5 reality show, but the one in which he could live his story with the former Roma captain, or at least it seems that the director of Chi is alluding to this.

The news of the new edition of GFVip

The edition that is about to begin is full of news: from the conduct of the GFVip Party entrusted to Soleil Rises And Pierpaolo Pretelliin the presence of Giulia Salemi in the studio to comment live on the episode following the trends on Twitter, and then conclude with Sophie Codegoni leading CasaChi. Signorini therefore talks about his competitors and how his goal is to tell the stories of each of them in order to

The flat stomach of Noemi Bocchi: pregnancy was a hoax

I am fond of all the competitors who generously tell themselves and contribute to the story of life. Between us there is a relationship that is not only professional, but also human. Sometimes I realize that I am protective of them, but I can afford it because, then, opinion leaders and social media think about them. I am paternal, I get excited when I enter the House because it is not just a job, it is something that has changed me too. I am grateful to these people: when you tell each other and share your life, you make a gesture of generosity that does not take into account the remuneration, and those who don’t do it deprive themselves of something. I do it too, leading: I have no protections, I am what you see.

The choice of opinion makers

Another issue addressed by the editor of Who is that relating to the choice of opinion leaders. This year, with great surprise, there will be Orietta Berti of whom he says: “It won’t be good at all, it hides a subtle vein of perfidy. She herself told me: “I wouldn’t have lasted all these years in show business if I didn’t have the attributes.” We must not let ourselves be influenced by the colorful look, with the peaceful air “. ConSonia Bruganelli, on the other hand, reveals that she didn’t have to struggle to get her back into the team: “She was already convinced of her own, I didn’t have to force my hand. When I made the phone call to say: “I want you by Orietta Berti’s side”, she told me that my call had come at the right moment in her life “. As for Adriana Volpe, on the other hand, who would have liked so much to resume her place in the studio, she said: “I called her immediately afterwards to ask her if she would like to return to the House as a competitor, with the commentator Bruganelli. She didn’t take it very well. ”

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