Do you know who Paola Ferrari is: Who is her husband Marco De Benedetti, children, private life and mother - Controcopertina

Do you know who Paola Ferrari is: Who is her husband Marco De Benedetti, children, private life and mother – Controcopertina

Ferrari’s husband is the entrepreneur Marco De Benedetti; the couple married in 1997 and have two children, Virginia and Alessandro. Ferrari is known in Italy for its success as a sports journalist. She has been working for Rai since the 1980s, conducting Portobello (a program with famous people) with Enzo Tortora and then Domenica Sportiva (a weekly sports information program), before moving on to 90 ° Minuto (program on recent sporting events). She is currently responsible for the pre-match of major competitions such as the European Championships.

Marco De Benedetti, husband of Paola Ferrari, is the second child of Carlo De Benedetti and Mita Crosetti. He was born in Turin in 1962. His childhood was spent in Switzerland, where he studied at Wesleyan University in Geneva; after graduation he moved to America for three years to study at Wharton Business School’s Masters in Business Administration. After five years of training in the finance and marketing sectors, Marco joined the board of directors of Olivetti, his father’s company, where he worked for almost ten years before leaving the company to pursue other interests .

Marco De Benedetti followed a career path in Infostrada and Omnitel before joining GEDI as president. Paola Ferrari and De Benedetti met thanks to their mutual friendship with Alba Parietti, who described their courtship as “a love story that has developed over time”. The couple married in 1997 after eight years of acquaintance and had two children.

Virginia Ferrari married Marco De Benedetti in 1997. The following year their first child, Alessandro De Benedetti, was born. Despite being a private person, the boy has a deep relationship with her mother and is often seen with her in public. Although some photos of him have appeared in the press, information about him has been scarce.

As for the second daughter, Virginia, we know that she was born in 1999 and is a carbon copy of her mother. She and the baby are very close. Even though she doesn’t like to show off, she often appears on her mother’s screens. Just look at some old photos of the journalist to realize how similar they are: Virginia is practically a photocopy of her mother as a young man. After the birth of Virginia, Paola Ferrari went through a really dark period, characterized by a deep post-partum depression that did not allow her, along with other health problems, to have another child. Since she and her husband strongly desired another child, they also considered becoming surrogates for other couples who wanted children. They eventually abandoned this idea because there is no trace of a third child in their family.

Who is Paolo Ferrari

In 1977 he made his debut on television as a switchboard operator in Portobello, led by Enzo Tortora. After working as a sports reporter for the Lombard Telenova network, in 1988 he landed on the RAI “Domenica Sportiva”. In 1995 he moved to Dribbling and then to the guide of Domenica Sportiva, from 1996 to 199999, to sport on Tg2 and Società in 2002, but not only: from 199 to 20002 the night edition, then that of 19. Pole Position followed (with Amedeo Goria) and 90th minute. In 2005 she returned to Domenica Sportiva with Marco Mazzocchi. And again, World Dribbling, Tuesday Champions and A Wednesday for Champions. In 2010 he conducted “Notti mondiali” together with Giampiero Galeazzi and Maurizio Costanzo. She returned to Domenica Sportiva in 2010. She returned to lead the 90th minute in 2015-2016 after ten years. First with Marco Mazzocchi and then with Alberto Rimedio and Mario Sconcerti, he conducted the pre and post match appointments of the football matches broadcast on Rai 1. In the summer of 2020 he will conduct 90th minute flash in the post match of Serie A, alongside alongside Enrico Varriale. She will return to lead the 90th minute also in the following season, on Sunday, with Paolo Rossi. Then, in 2021, she will lead the European Championships.

Paola Ferrari talks about her difficult childhood, face to face with Serena Bortone. “My mother killed me, as far as I remember at least three or four times”, she says in the interview with Oggi è un giorno, on Rai 2. “The situation at home was unbearable. My mother was very violent. I was beaten, my elderly grandmother was beaten ”. Coming home was a nightmare for me; for this they are very attached to children who for some reason feel fear. Fear in children is difficult to manage ”.

Bortone asks for details of the time when Paola claims that her mother attempted to kill her. “She Once she tried to drown me”, replies the journalist, but she prefers not to go further. “I saw the devil in his eyes.” Paola’s voice trembles as she speaks. She may not cry on television, but her sluggish speech and her irregular breathing betray an emotional weight carried by those memories of her. “What I missed is that I have never had a loving hug or a teaching from my father and mother.”

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