Monica Guerritore joins the anti-Meloni vip chorus: "Incapable and irresponsible"

Monica Guerritore joins the anti-Meloni vip chorus: “Incapable and irresponsible”

It will not be the “Hollywood against Donald Trump” of 2016 but also Italy there is an impressive one VIP choir who is joining forces against the main candidate for the electoral victory of 25 September: Giorgia Meloni.

Public figures such as Elodie, Chiara Ferragni, Loredana Bertè, Levante, The Representative of Lista, Giorgia, Vanessa Incontrada showed the thumbs up to the leader of FdI in the middle of the electoral campaign, throwing away the mask and showing their nature as “militant artists” . A new soprano has been added to the choir: Monica Guerritore.

While participating in the International Festival of Capri, the Roman actress and writer, or rather, from that Roman enclave locked up in the ZTL who gets excited every time she sees the symbol of the Democratic Party, gave an interview to The print puffing out the Meloni as possible again premier. Indeed, by bending it in full. But in his political examination the not very radical and very chic Guerritore does not spare even comic contradictions.

She says: “The fact that she is a woman or a man is irrelevant to the very serious fact that this person contributed, in a dramatic historical moment, to bring down a government six months before its natural end. A government that was working well in a chessboard very complex geopolitics. A serious complicity in an action that has done great harm to our country. I believe that to become prime minister one must first of all be responsible “.

“This person”, as she calls her, immediately positioned herself in opposition to the Draghi government, and FdI was the only party to allow the constituent majority and opposition components in any country other than North Korea to be safeguarded. As much as one can support the work of a premier, it is really hilarious to complain that his opposition works to criticism and that he does, that is, his work. Rather, the Guerritore should take it out on those who, from the inside, removed the support from Draghi. As the 5 Star Movement which, speaking of “managers”, is led by a former prime minister: Giuseppe Conte. Apparently, therefore, to enter Palazzo Chigi responsibility is not a requirement even now.

Then the subtense is beautiful rejection to the “pink quotas”: “The fact that it is a man or a woman is irrelevant”. Of course, when we need to push progressive women up we need to foresee feminist norms, when a woman who emerged without the pink quotas is on the right, gender no longer matters and must be shot down just like a man on the right.

But who, according to Guerritore, are those responsible? “There is the Democratic Party, he supported a project that had pulled us out of a dramatic situation. I would not throw the crew and captain of a ship in full storm overboard”. The Pd, obviously. The same Pd with which her current husband, the former president of Rai Roberto Zaccaria, was elected to the Chamber from 2004 to 2013 (first with the Magherita and then with the Democratic Party). In spite of the conflict of interest, every rookie is nice to mom soy.

Then the attack a Matteo Salvini: “A gentleman who has a signed contract with Putin and this gentleman is in the right-wing alliance.” But the extraordinary thing is that Guerritore denouncing the alleged Russian interference that he defines as “a real fact” in practice confesses the existence of international pressures on Italy, albeit from other sources: “After all, she [la Meloni, NdR] she was just a bad youth minister in a terrible government. When she is no longer in the opposition she will get blows from all sides. With the speculators and the crazy spread we will end up in Serie C “.

Blessed, then, are the financial interference they intend pour over democratically elected governments. If I’m right. And on the fallout from the war in Ukraine on the EU, he says: “We will put woolen socks and duvets on the bed. We have lived for too long with the heaters on full and the windows open polluting the world. And history has told us to calm down. And. I am also happy that in this way we will free ourselves from an addiction “.

Thanking her for the second person, it is very unlikely that woolen socks will be worn at the Zaccaria-Guerritore home. Contrary to what is likely to happen inside the bedrooms of hundreds of thousands of families who will seriously suffer from the cold and which are the same ones who, for quite a while, have stopped voting for the Democratic Party.

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