End of summer weddings, the wedding dresses of VIPs |  Lookdavip.it

End of summer weddings, the wedding dresses of VIPs | Lookdavip.it

Now that the possibility of celebrating weddings with many guests has no more limitations, the desire to celebrate does not stop even in August. In the month dedicated to holidays par excellence, there was no shortage of VIPs who crowned their dream of love with the wedding. But there are also several stars who have chosen September to exchange promises. In short, the late summer weddings like the famous ones. No one has pulled back from showing off wedding dresses on social media, to the delight of the followers: all magnificent and sumptuous garments, each in their own way, capable of making people dream every time.

The eagerly awaited brides

Wedding Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta dresses Nicole Milano and Carlo Pignatelli shoes Le Silla
Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta

The wedding of Federica Pellegrini And Matteo Giunta were highly anticipated and did not betray expectations (HERE all details). La Divina chose a custom made dress Nicole Milan, traditional and modern at the same time with a humeral neckline and 3D flowers applied on the long veil. Cheeky twist to cut the cake with a jumpsuit with a plunging neckline. And speaking of fairytale weddings and spectacular wedding dresses, how not to mention Jennifer Lopez? A month after the first marriage, she got married again Ben Affleck (we talked about it HERE). Three creations for her Ralph Laurenone sexier and more amazing than the other.

Change of look

Sabrina Ghio wedding dress official wedding Atelier Eme
One of Sabrina Ghio’s looks

The Turkish actress Demet Ozdemir she wore three wedding dresses, all very different from each other. The one chosen for the ceremony is avant-garde and refined, the one for the reception is romantic and traditional, while the one chosen for the ceremony is sexy and oriental. Alexander McQueen flaunted for the moment of the dances. But who really wanted to overdo it was Sabrina Ghio, with 5 outfits. We go from the short sheath dress to the flounced lace dress, then a princely dress and another sexy and fluttering all signed Atelier Emé. Finally, a suit consisting of a crop top with puffed sleeves and a wide skirt. There really is something for everyone.

Heirs and royalty

vip weddings at the end of summer 2022
Alice Etro and Michele Cazzaniga

In September there is no shortage of illustrious brides, starting with Maria Laura of Belgiumwho is married to the Anglo-French banker William Isvy. A ceremony in two stages, on the morning of Saturday 10 there was the civil union and in the afternoon the religious ceremony in the Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula. Consequently, there are two dresses worn by the bride: first a minidress Gucci sixties, then a sensual tailored suit by Vivienne Westwood, enriched by a very long and very precious lace veil. The wedding mood of Alice Etro, daughter of the designer Kean Etro. The furniture designer got married Michele Cazzaniga in an enchanted forest, in a gypsy party in the name of nature. Alice had a dress with a profound meaning created by the family maison, with symbols, votive designs and words on the fabric.

Not just wedding dresses: here are those of the newlyweds

Simon Jacquemus wedding Marco Maestri
Simon Jacquemus and Marco Maestri

If wedding dresses are the ones that steal the show, those of the newlyweds are also worth admiring. It is the case of Giammarco Tamberi flawless and very elegant in her outfit Armani on the wedding day with Chiara Bontempi. Even a decidedly chic married couple, the one formed by Simon Jacquemus And Marco Maestri. The fashion designer chose a dark blue suit with matching tie and white clutch, her husband a light suit with a white shirt without a tie.

Browse the gallery and see all the wedding (and groom) dresses …

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