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Totti and Ilary Blasi towards a truce, it is about an agreement

In the most talked about separation of summer 2022 comes a new twist: Ilary Blasi And Francesco Tottias it reveals The messenger, they seek a respite. A meeting between the two’s lawyers is scheduled for next week try to find an agreement that ends the war (including media). No one would have expected it after last Sunday’s no holds barred battle. He began the Pupone, with an interview with Corriere della Sera in which he made it known that he was not the first to betray and he also accused his ex-wife of having emptied his safety deposit boxes taking away his Rolex collection. The host replied through her lawyers within a few hours. “I have always protected my children and I will continue to do so”, her words. Then, however, the allusion that she means much more: in the air there is in fact a new interview from her friend Toffanin. Plot of the episode: “Ilary has seen things in recent years that could ruin about fifty families.” A threat, not too veiled.

The broadcasts of these days have served to make it clear that if you go to court, the tones will be these. If not, you get worse. Because both ex-spouses seem to have a lot of poisoned arrows in their bows. Perhaps for this very reason they would have decided to close the whole affair here, avoiding other collateral damage. The first step of the agreement would provide for the stop to public statements. But it would also be working on a communicated, this time joint, which would put a point in the war. It would be good for everyone, especially the couple’s three minor children: Cristianborn November 6, 2005, Chanel, born May 13, 2007, and Isabel, born March 10, 2016.

Waiting for the truce, our local one War of the Rosesor “Rolex War »as social networks have ironically renamed it, like any self-respecting war can count on deployments, in favor of one or the other of the contenders, who in these hours are emerging more and more. Ilary as he tells The messenger can count on a large part of the entertainment world, from Alfonso Signorini to Barbara D’Urso through Michelle Hunziker and Silvia Toffanin. But even the former captain of Roma has his allies: from Maurizio Costanzo to his colleague Vincent Candela passing through Simona Ventura and the pr Alex Nuccetelli. Two armies fighting each other with posts and declarations. Nuccetelli, to say, guest of Your Facts has just launched a harsh broadcaster at Ilary via TV: “I think that if you talk about the good of the children you have to make yourself an examination of conscience and go a little slower ».

Between the two armies there is Fabrizio Corona. The former paparazzo with the poisoned tooth with both ex-spouses. It was 2018, in fact, when with Ilary Blasi he had discussed live on television. She led the Big Brother Vip, he was in connection as a guest as an ex-boyfriend of a competitor (Silvia Provvedi). Ilary at one point had silenced him, and then dismissed him with a “Caciottaro, do you remember what you did to me 13 years ago?”. And again: «You did all that little theater when I was about to get married and I was pregnant with mine first son. You tell stories to make the scoop, but I have people like you I recognize them immediately“. The story of 13 years ago is what it concerns the alleged night of passion between Totti and Flavia Vento, which would take place shortly before the wedding with Ilary. News at the time leaked by Corona, and by Totti denied several times. Now Corona, in search of revenge, launches social bombs. «Dear Pupone and dear Caciottara, he has arrived time to tell the truth and open the jar»Wrote on Instagram. Then she posted an audio of a phone call with a girl who claims to have been with the former 10 Giallorossi. Then the photo of another girl, Martina, as she gets into a car. A stolen shot which hints that she is one of Totti’s lovers. And this would be just the first of an archive full of images of escapades. Both of them.

Ilary and Francesco have started a war (at stake is the division of a millionaire assets) from which they both risk getting out with broken bones. And perhaps for this very reason – after the storm unleashed by their vitriolic declarations – they decided to take a step back, laying down the hatchet in search of an agreement.

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