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The ladies’ paradise 7 advances: Ezio to the rescue to free Gloria from prison. Does he still love her?

Big news at Paradise of the Ladies: with the new episodes we have already seen that it will be there immediately discreet confusion – not without some funny moments – in the world of Paradise, agitated by the war of the new director Adelaide of Sant’Erasmo (Vanessa Gravina) against the head dressmaker Agnes Amato (Antonella Attili) and above all the stylist Flora (Lucrezia Massari).

On the emotional side, on the other hand, spotlights on the Colombo family: already in the first episodes Stefania (Grace Ambrose) will go to her mother Glory (Lara Komar) in prison to bring her the book she wrote about her story, “The Rediscovered Mother”. A title that is itself pardon for the maternal absence – which lasted 15 years – which made both of them suffer so much and that in the last season Gloria tried in every way to atone, until she decided to turn herself in to save her daughter. from the blackmail of Gem (Gaia Bavaro). And in fact that moment will deeply move the former prime contractor.

Book + Gloria / The ladies' paradiseIs everything resolved between the two? Obviously not, since Gloria is in fact locked up in prison to serve the unjust sentence she suffered long ago, which she had escaped by making a fugitive and then using the name of Gloria Moreau (or Miss Moreau, as the Venus of Heaven knew her ). Although the two have found each other “emotionally”, therefore, Stefania cannot share with her mother neither the sweet everyday life at work as it was in the last year, nor the important moments she is experiencing, first of all the official engagement with Mark of Sant’Erasmo (Moisè Curia), niece of the Countess.

It must be said, however, that at that party in reality Gloria will be able to be presentalthough escorted by the Carabinieri and in handcuffs as anticipated by the now well-known photo, and there she will finally be able to embrace Stefania again in such a significant evening out of prison.

Lara Komar is Gloria in The Ladies' Paradise
Lara Komar is Gloria in The Ladies’ Paradise

It is precisely from that moment that the revenge of another character will start: let’s talk about Teresio “Ezio” Colombo (Massimo Poggio), father of Stefania and legitimate husband of Gloria, at least until last season when he had her declared dead in order to remarry with his widow Veronica Zanatta (Valentina).

A gesture that has disappointed the many fans already fond of the couple, who dream of seeing the Colombo family reunited after so many troubles, and who, moreover, know how Gloria has never stopped loving the man she married so many years before and the father of his daughter (as opposed to Ezio, who never received the letter in which Gloria confessed her feelings still alive).

Tracing his story, for a whole year Ezio continued to keep the relationship with Veronica, but almost despite himself the presence of Gloria in Milan gradually dissolved him, so much so that from the almost cruel hardness towards his wife (at the beginning he even threatened to denounce her himself) came to mutual forgiveness and even groped to defend her in the eyes of Stefania, when her daughter discovered the true identity of her beloved prime contractor and bitterly refused her.

All this without forgetting the moment of “nostalgia” in the square on the night of the “almost kiss” – which Gloria had escaped, despite the reciprocated desire, out of respect for Veronica’s position – and above all the finale of last season that saw Ezio chase desperately the car of the Carabinieri that took away the newly formed Gloria (after greeting him with a poignant hug and a letter in which he warned him of his intentions).

I almost kiss Gloria and EzioMany therefore wondered what Ezio’s attitude would be towards Gloria’s imprisonment, and here the episodes of the second week of airing of the Paradise of the Ladies bring a first answer.

In fact, it starts with a Stefania who wakes up thinking about the moment of separation from her mother at the end of the engagement party, presumably divided between the joy of having embraced her again and the pain of knowing her to be locked up behind the walls of the prison, and we get to the involvement of Ezio .

Colombo senior, after seeing Gloria again at his daughter’s engagement party, would like to find a solution to speed up the release of the one who at this point – unless a very rapid cancellation has occurred – is still his wife. An active role of Ezio is therefore envisaged alongside Stefania, in the “battle” for Gloria’s liberation. Will it be in this context that we will also see Ezio in prison in front of Gloria, as anticipated by another exciting photo?

Ezio / The ladies' paradise
Ezio / The ladies’ paradise

And this is where the curiosity of the public is concentrated: Ezio just wants to bring Gloria and Stefania closer together because they are mother and daughter, or does the desire to have Gloria out of prison have to do with a romantic and “marital” feeling that has never completely subsided? And in this case, will the feelings or the pride win… or the sense of duty towards Veronica?

To find out all that remains is to wait for the episodes (even if we already know that at a certain point the prime contractor will also “live” the outsiders and will wear his beloved uniform againbut pay attention to a detail that could have an impact on the balance of the Colombo family: in addition to Gloria, Stefania and Veronica, there is another person that Ezio will take care of in the first episodes and will be – surprisingly – Gem (Gaia Bavaro). The latter will be secretly in Milan after a summer in a convent, and in search of forgiveness and redemption for the blackmail that led Gloria to prison. Will she get it? And what will be the position of Ezio (and Stefania and Gloria)? Keep following us, we’ll talk about it …

Ezio and Gemma / The ladies' paradise

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