Queen Elizabeth, the alleged secret son of Charles and Camilla reappears: "Goodbye grandmother, in me always a piece of you"

Queen Elizabeth, the alleged secret son of Charles and Camilla reappears: “Goodbye grandmother, in me always a piece of you”

The death of the Queen Elizabeth rekindles the spotlight on the alleged secret son of the new rulers. The Australian Simon Charles Dorante-Day56, recently filed a lawsuit in the High Court of Sydney to be legally recognized as the legitimate son of King Charles III and queen consort Camilla. The man, who on his Facebook page calls himself without false modesty Prince Simon Charles, asks to be officially recognized as second in line to the British throne in place of Prince William. In his personal reconstruction of the facts, Simon Charles Dorante-Day claims to have had confirmation of his real identity from his grandmother: “My grandmother worked for the Queen and told me clearly, over and over again, that I am the son of Charles and Camilla ».

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Farewell to grandmother Lilibet on Facebook

The news of Elizabeth II’s death also deeply touched Simon Charles Dorante-Day, who wanted to greet his “grandmother” with a long post on his Facebook page: “Since I learned of the loss of my grandmother called Lilibet – he writes – I am was inundated with messages of condolence for the loss. Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts and concern. As many of you have said, my family and I are grieving not only the loss of Her Majesty, but also the loss of another opportunity to resolve the matter right way. […] Rest in peace, now you are in the hands of God, I know that in me I will always carry a piece of you ».

The illegitimate child

Simon Charles was born in the UK in 1966, but a few months after birth he was adopted by an English family who moved to Australia. According to the man, Camilla herself would have disappeared from Carlo’s life in the nine months of the alleged pregnancy and after her birth he would have been entrusted to a trusted family reported by the Queen herself, with the desire not to let the news of her son leak out. had it clandestinely. According to the man, in fact, the adoptive grandparents worked in those years as a cook and as a gardener at Buckingham Palace.

The process for recognition

From this conviction, a long legal battle has started which has lasted three years so far and which ended with the lawsuit brought by the man against the Duchy of Cornwall, the official residence of Prince Charles: “This is the most important step that I have done up to now. I wanted to give an expiration date because we need answers ». Simon Charles is a candidate for the succession to the throne and, in this case, it could be the current heir, that Prince William who, after his father Charles, is destined to reign over the United Kingdom.

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