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Elizabeth’s coffin in St Giles’ Cathedral greeted by trumpet blasts. On the coffin the crown of Scotland – World

Queen Elizabeth’s coffin entered St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh, carried on the shoulder by the honor guard of the Royal Regiment of Scotland. He was greeted by a blast of trumpets, in the shadow of the royal banner and the national flag of Scotland with the cross of St. Andrew. The crown of Scotland rests on the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II. She had been delivered to the sovereign after her coronation in 1953. It is forged with Scottish gold in which 22 precious gems are set together with Scottish pearls.

The procession, Charles behind Elizabeth’s coffin

The liturgy for the “thanksgiving” ceremony began in the St Giles Cathedral of St Giles, where the coffin of Elizabeth II has just arrived. Reverend Calum McLeod officiated. The coffin will remain in the cathedral for 24 hours, during which time it will be on public display, before being moved to London.

The royal family accompanied the coffin of Queen Elizabeth in a slow procession towards the first public exhibition. Behind the coffin, placed in view on the funeral car to the sound of the bagpipes of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, follow on foot King Charles, eldest son and heir of the sovereign, and the other children of Her Majesty: the royal princess Anna and the princes Andrew and Edward . All around, a river of silent and moved people, crowded on both sides of the Royal Mile and the surrounding streets. The honor department of the Scottish royal regiment escorts the hearse on both sides, marking time with the weapons on their shoulders and the traditional uniform with the kilt. Behind proceed other officers and soldiers of the various weapons and also some royal guards with the red jacket and the high black fur hat; not without policemen on horseback at the head and tail of the procession. King Charles is in military parade uniform, like his sister Anna and brother Edoardo. While Andrew he is in civilian clothes, even with his decorations pinned to his chest, having been suspended from the titles and official roles of representation of the dynasty after his involvement in the Epstein scandal.

Spouses and guests are waiting in St Giles’ Cathedral to attend the suffrage ceremony before the coffin exhibition begins. Among others, the British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, who came from London, and the independence first minister of the Scottish government, Nicola Sturgeon.

Meanwhile, the security and intelligence apparatuses are preparing with a mass deployment of police forces, especially in London, where the exhibition public of the coffin will begin Wednesday in Westminster Hall and last 4 days until the eve of the solemn funeral on Monday 19. Up to one million people are expected to parade in front of Her Majesty’s coffin in the British capital (they had already been more than 200,000 for the popular queen mother, who died at the age of 102 in 2002). While further concerns are manifested in the newspapers in view of the state funeral, when in the city there will also be Joe Biden and numerous leaders from all over the world: destined according to some anticipations to be at least partially grouped for transport on board unusual collective shuttles to the to make their protection more manageable.

The first time in the Parliament of King Charles III. The king solemnly renewed today his commitment to loyalty to the British “constitutional government” model in the Palace of Westminster, seat of Parliament, after following with an absorbed expression the moving messages of condolence addressed to him by the speakers (presidents) of the two Houses for the death of Queen Elizabeth. The sovereign, with the queen consort Camilla at her side, recalled the “unsurpassed dedication” of his “beloved mother” to the country and to her duties, promising to follow in its footsteps. Then, quoting Shakespeare once again, he defined her as the “model of life of all principles”.

The sovereign, accompanied by the queen consort Camilla, was solemnly received by a large representation of the two chambers, gathered in a room in the wing of the building occupied by the House of Lords. All those present are dressed in mourning or traditional costumes in the case of staff officials and some peers of the Kingdom. In the front rows, among others, the former prime ministers Theresa May and Boris Johnson, both still deputies, stand out in black.

Opening the ceremony was the Speaker of the House of Lords, Baron McFall of Alcluith, saying that Queen Elizabeth II was “a guide but also at the service of the people“And he added:” His humility and integrity have aroused respect and captured the imaginations of peoples and nations around the world. “He then emphasized that his qualities remain to inspire King Charles III to lead the Kingdom. Speaker of the Municipalities, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, began by recalling “our sovereign lady, Queen Elizabeth.” He later stated that the loss of the queen is felt throughout the worldor, in the UK and the Commonwealth as a whole, “to which you have devoted so much”. “As deep as our pain is, we know that yours is deeper”, he then added, addressing King Charles and Queen consort Camilla who sat on the two thrones inside Westminster Hall, the oldest part of the British Parliament. to hear the eulogies. After the reading of the speeches, also by the sovereign, all those present stood up to listen in a solemn atmosphere to the national anthem, which became ‘God Save the King’ after the death of Elizabeth II.

In the early afternoon the scene moves back to Edinburgh, Scotland, where the king and queen (but also the British premier Liz Truss) are expected to follow the coffin of Elizabeth II in the planned procession between the Palace of Holyrood and St Giles Cathedral. Here the remains of the sovereign, after a suffrage rite, will be exhibited for the first time as a tribute to the public for 24 hours, before moving to London.

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