“Nudes for life”: the show that teaches how to feel good arrives |  TV Smiles and Songs

“Nudes for life”: the show that teaches how to feel good arrives | TV Smiles and Songs

Mara Maionchi leads 12 stars: they get involved to talk about prevention

Solange Savagnone
September 12, 2022 at 08:28

The pourpose of “Nudes for life”docureality in four episodes that debuts on Rai2 on 12 September, it is very serious, noble and necessary: ​​to talk about cancer prevention. But all with great irony and lightness, without ever being superficial or banal. The format was born in England where it has had great success and important awards, and from there it has spread to many countries. It arrives in Italy only now, produced by Blu Yazmine.

In the first two episodes the protagonists will be six famous men. In the last two, six famous women. In both cases we start from the end, that is seeing the group of VIPs behind the scenes of the Franco Parenti Theater in Milan waiting to enter the scene. Then the digression begins and the six days of preparation for the show are told (three days per episode). From the arrival in the Milan loft where they will have to learn a ballet followed by the choreographer Marcello Sacchetta (former student and professional of “Amici”) to some experiences that will take place outside: the males will try to do synchronized swimming and a calendar without veils, the females “dragon boat”, a sort of long canoe. There will also be a meeting with some specialists. The urologist Bernardo Rocco will talk to men about prostate cancer, while the surgeon and breast specialist Daniela Bossi will address the topic of breast cancer prevention with women.

Accompanying the characters on this six-day “journey” will be Mara Maionchi who, after having summoned them together, will accompany them step by step towards the final goal. At the end of the second episode, we will in fact see the real show prepared by the protagonists, complete with make-up and stage clothes, in a truly original context. The men will perform in a show inspired by the musical “Full Monty”, while the women will do a ballet in the style of “Moulin Rouge”. In both cases, at the end of the performance, they will all be left without clothes. On TV you will not see the full nude of men (the women will remain topless, covered by a fan). At the theater, on the other hand, yes.

The purpose of the “striptease” is to make people understand that they should not be ashamed to show themselves naked. An important message when it comes to prevention, because both for the mammogram and for the visit to the urologist you have to undress. Learning to overcome our fears is already a victory.

The men of the first two episodes, broadcast on 12 and 13 September

  • Francesco Paolantoni – actor: “Important messages such as prevention arrive more incisively through irony and spectacle”
  • Gianluca Gazzoli – radio speaker: “I stripped myself of my fears, in the hope that the public can do it with their own”
  • Antonio Catalani – painter: “I want to thank my traveling companions: it is also thanks to them that the program will reach people’s hearts”
  • Gilles Rocca – actor: «It was a delicate introspective journey, we laughed, danced, rejoiced. You can have fun and prevent at the same time “
  • Memo Remigi – singer: «Health and prevention are essential at any age! I participated with enthusiasm and found new, wonderful friends “
  • Gabriele Cirilli – comic: “Honored to have been part of a program that sends an important social message to prevent cancer”

The six women protagonists of the evenings of 19 and 20 September

  • Maddalena Corvaglia – presenter: «It was a journey into ourselves. We are strong women, who have survived the challenges of life, who have exposed their frailties “
  • Corinne Clery – actress: “I participated to do justice to my parents and my husband who all died of cancer, leaving an indescribable void”
  • Alessandra Mussolini – TV personality: «Fear pushes many women not to do prevention. It is a challenge for all of us and we must win it together, naked for life! “
  • Valeria Graci – comic: “If my work can convince even a single girl to do prevention, then getting involved was the right thing!”
  • Brenda Lodigiani – comic: “We never talk enough about prevention and finally this program has given us the opportunity to do so”
  • Elisabetta Gregoraci – presenter: «I dealt with the disease fighting alongside my mother. This was also a way to feel closer to her “

We will also see doctors who inform and visit VIPs

Bernardo RoccoFull Professor of Urology at the University of Milan and Director of Uoc Urology Asst Santi Paolo e Carlo.

What will its role be in the program?
«To assist the six male VIPs and give them information on the prevention of prostate cancer. With me there is also a former patient of mine who has recovered and recovered very well. We interacted nicely and everyone expressed interest. After that I visited some of them ».

Who among the six impressed you the most?
“Paolantoni had already exposed himself on the subject and had made a commercial for” Europa Uomo “(association for information on prostatic pathologies, ed). Gilles Rocca was very nice, and I was struck by Cirilli: he offered to give me a hand to prevent and in transmission he showed his faith in him very strongly ».

At what stage is the prevention of prostate cancer?
“There is so much to do. Raising awareness and knowledge on the subject is important as well as addressing the problem in the right way. For two years, for example, there have been very effective new treatments ».

Make an appeal to men.
«It is the most frequent oncological disease in men. Knowing and managing it means improving the prognosis. In Italy in 2020 there were 36,000 new cases and more than 7,000 deaths are recorded every year. Only by going to your urologist and deciding how to deal with the problem can this figure be reduced. If there are no familiarity problems with prostate cancer, I recommend having the first sight at 50, otherwise already at 45 ».

Daniela BossiBreast surgeon Ics Maugeri Pavia and president Andos Milano.

What will its role be in the program?
“We met the six VIP women in our clinic and explained the correct steps in breast cancer prevention, talking about the risk factors and the exact way to check. And then I visited them all. Some of them are seen from behind while doing the mammogram. It was a real moment in which some of them, who have had familiar experiences with the disease such as Gregoraci, felt a strong emotional impact. Then there was the meeting with the plastic surgeon and with a patient who has recovered ».

In your opinion, does the combination of show and medicine work?
«In this show he plays down without being light. Done like this, it serves. If even one woman takes an exam after seeing the program, we will have won. “

At what stage is breast cancer prevention?
«In Italy it is at an excellent level. There is a lot of participation in free screening programs, especially in the North: a free mammogram every two years is provided for women between 50 and 70 ”.

Make an appeal to women.
«Around the age of 30, make your first visit to the breast specialist who will assess the risk factors and advise you on the tests to be done. I recommend the first ultrasound within the age of 30 and between the ages of 35 and 40 do it every year. First mammogram at 40. From here on, the breast specialist will decide the most suitable tests for each case, but it will certainly be necessary to continue with mammography and ultrasound “.

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