What Ilary Blasi will do after Totti's interview: the lawsuit option, the money and the war in court

What Ilary Blasi will do after Totti’s interview: the lawsuit option, the money and the war in court

THE Rolexthe alleged betrayal, the role offriend hairdresser. The day after the interview given by Francesco Totti to Corriere della Sera it is that of reflection. In what promises to be a war destined to fill the pages of magazines for years Ilary Blasy he has already retorted by threatening revelations’ that would ruin 50 families“. But the weapons in the hands of the ex Small letter there are many. And they range from the lawsuit to the endless battle in court. In particular the accusation of having emptied one safe-deposit box belonging to both “together with the father” could take on contours defamatory. Because misappropriation between spouses is explicitly excluded by article 649 of the criminal code. While the hairdresser Alessia Soldaniaccused of having acted as an intermediary between Ilary and another man, makes it known that “the truth will come out”.

The Captain’s strategy and Annamaria Bernardini De Pace

The messenger explains today that the interview with Aldo Cazzullo it seems to be part of a strategy. Those who know the protagonists of the story say that it is part of the style of Annamaria Bernardini De Pace. That is the lawyer chosen by Totti to deal with Antonio Conte, his historical attorney, of the matter. The idea is that raising the level of the confrontation in the media can lead the counterpart to cool down the requests. In fact, last July there was talk of an agreement between the parties for the division of assets. L’escalation inaugurated yesterday from Captain it suggests that something must not have gone right. The newspaper explains that according to theentourage by Totti Ilary was doing “exorbitant demands“. Rejecting all proposals and leaning on him the blame for the separation.

The mediation attempt between the parties fell apart during the summer. Decisive were the rumors that told the Captain with his youngest daughter at his new girlfriend’s house Noemi Bocchi. That’s where Totti realized he was being followed. And her mother’s decision to pick up Isabel to take her in Croatia it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The marriage lawyer Marco Meliti however, he explains to the newspaper that betrayal, in itself, “is not a reason for charging of separation. It has value only if it is the determining cause of the termination of the relationship. It is evident that if the betrayal occurs when the family union has already failed and the couple leads a separate life, it cannot be considered the cause of the end of marriagesor”.

Totti’s heritage

Meanwhile, the director yesterday Gabriele Muccino intervened in the affair calling into question Bernardini De Pace himself. «I have known her well. I had it as a counterpart in a horrible divorce that ruined a son and sowed poison for 5 years “, she said, recalling that this is” the strategy that this well-known Roman lawyer adopts by crushing the lives of people who have loved each other like nuts “. The response of the lawyer came immediately after: “If the offense comes from nullities, it is worth zero. If then the nullity is who was an opponent, the offense is suspect. A revenge that counts as an attempt to throw the ball well beyond extra time. At the closed stage ». But the real battle will be played on heritage of Totti.

The Republic remember today that Captainincluding salaries and image rights, he received a compensation of 152 million euros gross from AS Roma in 21 seasons as a protagonist with the Giallorossi shirt. The net, disgraced, is of 84 million. Marriage is in separation of property. And there is at stake holding di Totti, NumberTen srl, which owns properties for approx 4 million euros and cascade controls the Immobiliare Dieci, the Immobiliare Ten and the Acilia Real Estate. In addition to the Longarina sports center. Palaces, apartments and villas that will enter the cause.

Who is Cristiano Iovino

Finally there is the personal trainer Cristiano Iovino. According to the newspapers, he is the man who exchanged messages with Ilary through her hairdresser friend. Those who then Totti he said he had read while spying on his wife’s cell phone. “I don’t care, thanks,” he replied to those who asked him for a comment on the interview. Apparently he is a Lazio fan. And it is a influencer successful, with over 55,000 followers. Lives between Rome And Milanand this would coincide with what was stated by Totti in the interview about the will of Ilary to spend more time in the Milanese capital. The only road that will be possible to take, explains today the Corriere della Serais that of non-consensual separation. The competent court is that of Rome.

Meanwhile, in an interview withAdnKronos makes itself felt Roberto D’Agostinowhich first on Dagospia he had talked about the crisis of the two. «The fuse was an event that happened to Castel Gandolfo and picked up by the local press, in which Totti and Ilary had gone with their children to a playground and there had been a big fight between them. I started from that point of the scazzo and said that they had now reached the end of the line. It was the straw that broke the fateful camel, but the signs of a rupture had started a long time ago, ”he says today. “The impression, reading the interview of the ‘pupone‘with Aldo Cazzullo, is that it is a different, emotional interview, it is not cerebral, it is not an attempt to catch click or like, the self-gossip that all well-known personalities now do. In the case of Totti, the ache that transpires from his words. I found the emotionality very strong. One of the few interviews in which you feel the soul bleeding ».

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