William and Harry, what (really) happened before the walk to Windsor: from dinner apart to the message of peace

William and Harry, what (really) happened before the walk to Windsor: from dinner apart to the message of peace

William and Harry could walk side by side behind the Queen’s coffin at her funeral next week, thus confirming the royal truce that arose after Queen Elizabeth’s death. A few days after the Prince of Wales offered his brother an “olive branch” by inviting him to take a walk to meet mourners outside Windsor, there is a suggestion that they might put aside their differences during the time of the National mourning. The couple had been separated from cousin Peter Phillip at Prince Philip’s funeral last year, and have since been seen in public together just once before Saturday’s surprise walk. It remains to be seen what form the truce in the Queen’s service will take on Monday 19 September, and Prince Andrew is said to play a key role too despite the controversies of recent years.

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Andrea’s role

The Duke of York is expected to join his family. Sources claiming it would be “out of the question” for him to be excluded. However, despite this apparent truce for the disgraced prince, it would appear that there is no way back to public life, with both the king and the Prince of Wales previously claiming that he would have no formal role during their kingdoms.

The death of the 96-year-old queen was sudden, Carlo was the only one of his children or grandchildren to be in the duo alongside Balmoral. While the arrangements for the funeral service are still being finalized, the Sun reports that discussions are underway that could see William and Harry stand side by side during the procession. It would mark a significant improvement in their relationship: at the funeral of their grandfather, Prince Philip, in April last year, the couple was separated from their cousin Peter Phillips. However, relations between the brothers appear to have improved since then, with William inviting Harry to meet supporters and mourners outside Windsor on Saturday. The temporary nature of the truce could be laid bare in the coming months with Harry ready to publish his “told” memoirs and Meghan continuing her podcast series. A royal source told the Mirror: “We must remember that in the midst of a nation’s intense pain there is, in its heart, a grieving family. It is undeniable that there are some factions within the family.” However, it was the Prince of Wales’ firm belief that his grandmother’s death should be a time of union.

Separate dinners after Elizabeth’s death

That said, a great sense of distrust remains in the air and for this to dissipate, there needs to be a great deal of reconciliation on the part of those who make the most noise. ‘Until that is imminent, then it may not make much sense to go any further.’ It is understood that the couple, who traveled separately to Scotland after discovering that their grandmother was seriously ill, did not see each other immediately after her death. Harry traveled on his private plane while William joined Andrew and Edward on a flight to Balmoral. In the same royal residence neither brother spoke to the other, it is said, with Harry leaving alone less than 12 hours after his arrival. Instead of joining his father and brother at Charles’s home in Birkhall, Harry decided to stay at Balmoral Castle where Prince Andrew and the Earl of Wessex had joined their sister, Princess Anne. “That night they were having two dinners in the royal estate and there was a clear division: one was for the new king and his heir, the other was for the rest of the family,” an insider said.

William’s message to Harry

On Saturday, as Charles was sworn in as king, Anna, Andrea, Edoardo and their children thanked the supporters who had gathered outside the gates of Balmoral. It is understood that in Windsor William and his wife Kate were about to do the same when the Prince of Wales who had already raised the idea with his brother that they could see the flowers together, sent a message to Harry with a proposed timetable. According to a source: “It happened very quickly, really extraordinary considering they didn’t see each other in Scotland.” The source added that it was not done by order of the father.

It is the first time William and Harry have been seen together in public since they teamed up for the unveiling of the memorial in honor of their mother, Princess Diana. Harry and Meghan, who blatantly quit frontline jobs two years ago to set up their own business in California and then raised a number of bombshell allegations against the monarchy, held hands as they watched the tributes, with Harry at a certain point that he affectionately put his hand on Meghan’s back. They were seen pointing out different tributes and discussing them as crowd members greeted them. In one moment, a small Paddington bear toy was given to William, who passed it to a helper. He was seen lightly touching Kate’s back in a touching moment. And one girl, who hugged Meghan on the walkabout, said she was happy to see the Wales and Sussexes together again.

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