Aggression against Mauro Marin and Marco Pavanello, the owner of the Do Mori: "They were out of control, they wanted to go by car at all costs and hit the waiter"

Aggression against Mauro Marin and Marco Pavanello, the owner of the Do Mori: “They were out of control, they wanted to go by car at all costs and hit the waiter”

DOLO – An eventful evening on Saturday evening in front of the well-known Do Mori restaurant in via Garibaldi around 11 pm when an unfortunate episode occurred which involved two well-known personalities from the world of television such as Marco Pavanello40 years old from Castelfranco Veneto, former tronista of Men and Women and his friend Mauro Marin42 years old, winner of Big Brother 10, also from Castelfranco.

The direction

On their return from an evening in Campolongo Maggiore, the car of the two, with Mauro Marin at the wheel, headed towards Dolo and, presumably, to avoid crossing the town center, entered along Garibaldi Street which, however, is suddenly and only in the summer closed to vehicular traffic from Saturday afternoon until Sunday evening, and along which the catering establishments use the roadway as a stalls. The two, however, regardless of the ban on transit, moved a mobile barrier arranged as a sign of prohibition and continued. At this point it happened that they were stopped, as he explains EF., the owner of the restaurant where the episode took place.

«When one of our waiter saw the car arrive, he took care to signal the prohibition by intimating the car with his hands to go back also because there were children who ate with family members and, given the pedestrian area, they were free to move. The two, however, in an altered way and with a haughty tone, did not want to go back because they wanted to continue along the free space that it is necessary to leave available for the transit of ambulances and they accelerated to continue the race also ending up bumping the waiter who with his body he tried to obstruct the car in order to stop it so as not to continue. I don’t know if a car taillight broke in the collision but I certainly know that this caused a certain commotion because my employee ended up on the hood of the car and this increased the tension that was created between him and the two occupants of the car. Even the patrons who were inside the restaurant rushed because it was understood that something dangerous was happening. Realizing that the situation was becoming risky, I called the carabinieri while those present were all worried, there was a palpable feeling that everything could degenerate. Fortunately, with the arrival of the carabinieri, little by little everything returned to normal. The carabinieri collected the statements of those present before dismissing the people. I cannot hide that we were very scared also because, thinking about the fact that we were approaching the anniversary of September 11th, this car that wanted to pass through people at all costs made us fear that it could be an attack“.

The owner of the restaurant appeared decidedly sorry about the unfortunate episode but stressed that from her employee there was no hysterical reaction as the two characters involved have leaked, talking about punches and kicks given to their car.


Indeed, EF reiterated that the waiter’s behavior was correct and that he acted solely to safeguard the safety of customers and that those who were largely out of control were the occupants of the car who wanted at all costs to cross a pedestrian area where tables were placed and where space is very limited and only allowed for emergency cars. If they had continued, which however is not possible, the passage could have really caused dangers for the integrity of those present who, despite the hour, were still numerous.

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