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Professions, the quality seal for lawyers and accountants arrives

Law firms and accountancy firms with the blue stamp. In fact, the UNI standard is coming, the first in Italy and Europe, for the quality certification of professional firms. The new standard UNI 11871: 2022, called “Organizational principles and risk management related to the exercise of the profession for the creation and protection of value”, will be presented in Rome on Wednesday by the National Forensic Fund, by UNI Italian Standardization Body and Asla Italian Association of Associated Law Firms present the new UNI 11871: 2022 standard, called “Organizational principles and risk management related to the exercise of the profession for the creation and protection of value”, and will address directly to all lawyers and doctors accountants, both in the start-up phase and already structured, regardless of their organizational form.

The ultimate goal of the new regulation is to provide professional firms operating in all legal, fiscal, administrative and accounting sectors with a homogeneous set of valid, tested and updated criteria to support their activities. “The main benefits derived from the possible certification of a professional firm”, explains a note, “include the certification of quality issued by competent bodies that gives value compared to potential customers or external bodies; the attribution of any preferential scores for the assignment of professional assignments in the context of public or private tenders and calls for tender; finally, a possible reduction in the costs of compulsory insurance coverage in the face of a qualitatively certified service “.

“Standardization has always helped professionals (in any sector they operate) to support competition, facilitate qualification, give guarantees to customers / consumers – comments the UNI President, Giuseppe Rossi – supporting their skills, knowledge and experience without replacing them, as integration of training that helps to keep it updated to the state of the art and to practice the profession in the best way, deliver new services and develop one’s business. UNI 11871 is aimed at ‘new markets’ (law firms and accountants) by proposing an experienced and recognized model whose success, however, depends (as for all management systems) on the commitment of the members of the firms to compliance with certain organizational principles, including work by processes, assignment of roles and responsibilities, customer orientation, risk management, continuous improvement, planning of activities, external communication “.

“The Cassa Nazionale Forense – declared the President Valter Militi – has strongly supported the UNI technical standard project for law firms throughout Italy, intended not only as a better management tool, also with reference to the risks inherent in our profession, but in particular for the dissemination of a certifiable method for compliance with the requirements applicable to lawyers, including declarative and contributory profiles “.

“With the new UNI standard dedicated to lawyers and chartered accountants – comments the lawyer. Giovanni Lega, President of ASLA – our Association makes available to all the experiences and knowledge of many colleagues and colleagues from both professions. Each firm, in any way established, individually or in association, whether it is already active or newly established, will find in the norm the indications to operate successfully and better manage its risks and opportunities. It is a truly unique tool that ASLA is proud to have brought to completion “.

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