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“Obliged by father Carlo”, earthquake in the royal house: he leaves his wife with the children

The death of Elizabeth II means not only mourning but also an earthquake in the royal house. King Charles III cannot do without it and someone has had to obey the rules, despite everything.

King Charles

There Queen Elizabeth he left this world in a matter of minutes, so much so that no one would ever have expected it. King Charles III did not have the “time to prepare” but in that moment of sadness he threw a message of peace apparent.

The first speech as a king it was safe and reassuring, so much so that some interpreted his words as a small opening to return to the family of the past. Harry and Meghan have all of him affection for him, but the Daily Mail makes it known that it would have been King Charles to veto Meghan.

When the conditions of health of the queen they crashed, the Duchess of Sussex was unable to reach Balmoral because she was unwelcome. A story that repeats itself? And how did things really go?

The secrets of Balmoral: the castle loved by Elizabeth and hated by Diana

Balmoral Castle was the favorite residence of Queen Elizabeth II, she spent every summer and her parents there best moments they are kept within these walls. At the same time, Lady Diana at the time of her marriage to Charles did not like this place.

Diana, according to what emerged during her interviews, did not feel comfortable and her holidays were always under the eyes of all. A bond between her and the Queen that has never been “perfect”.

Elizabeth followed the rules, Diana broke them and this did nothing but fuel the hatred of the Royal Family towards the Princess of the People.

Queen Elizabeth and Lady Diana
Queen Elizabeth and Lady

Somehow, the Sovereign he wanted to leave this world at the age of 96 in his favorite summer residence. The doctors had advised her not to reach London and rest and then go out on 8 September 2022.

Harry alone at Balmoral at the behest of dad Carlo?

A drama in the drama, because as the world learned the news of Queen Elizabeth’s death many Tweets pointed Harry and Meghan on the way to Balmoral. The British media wanted to emphasize this particularity, without excluding some details that make us think.

On the evening of September 8th the Queen’s children along with Prince William immediately rushed to Balmoral, aware that perhaps it would be her last hours. Harry and Meghan were in Germany for a speech as part of a tour that would also take them to England.

The news of Harry and Meghan en route to Scotland bounced on the web, while the Windsors seemed to be embarrassed by a possible encounter. Despite the moment of great sadness, the protocol must be followed to the letter: just as Kate did not follow William to Balmora, so even Meghan could not have gone to greet the Queen for the last time.

Carlo warned immediately Harry, again according to the British media, that Meghan had no right to be there. Obviously, William’s brother agreed to follow protocol and presented himself alone as requested by the new King.

Prince Harry and Meghan
Prince Harry and

Kate and Meghan were within walking distance of each other, but despite this they didn’t meet. However, no one thought of Harry, who was scolded by his father for not following the protocol again and for not arriving in time to greet his beloved grandmother.

In the next days, William – Kate – Harry and Meghan they all arrived together to greet the crowd and thank them for the ritual tour as if nothing had ever happened between them. What is the truth about their relationship? Maybe no one will ever know.

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