Nudi Per La Vita, Mara Maionchi at FQMagazine: "Breast cancer has hit me too, it was also discovered thanks to a dream. This is why undressing on TV helps prevention" - Il Fatto Quotidiano

Nudi Per La Vita, Mara Maionchi at FQMagazine: “Breast cancer has hit me too, it was also discovered thanks to a dream. This is why undressing on TV helps prevention” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

The new challenge of Mara Maionchi is one of those unthinkable: conduct a show in which twelve celebrities get naked on TV. But with a clear and noble objective: to provoke the public, to break the taboo of the disease and above all to raise awareness of breast and prostate cancer prevention. The four-part docu-reality is entitled Naked for lifeat the start on Rai2 in prime time from Monday 12 September, and starts with a surprise for the protagonists: Corinne Clery, Alessandra Mussolini, Brenda Lodigiani, Elisabetta Gregoraci, Maddalena Corvaglia, Valeria Graci and Memo Remigi, Francesco Paolantoni, Gabriele Cirilli, Gianluca Gazzoli, Gilles Rocca and Antonio Catalani are summoned to the studio and there they discover that they will have to strip completely to create a Moulin Rouge-style choreography (women) and inspired to Full Monty (the men). “Their expressions are worth the price of the ticket. I, on the other hand, do not undress, people can rest assured ”, Maionchi jokes, speaking with Fq Magazine a few hours after the first episode.

Mara, who would have thought that she would find herself running a program where people undress. First reaction when did they propose it to you?
I was a bit puzzled. Then I asked myself: “Will I be able to?”. When I understood the true meaning of this show, I accepted: if even one person after seeing it books a follow-up visit, we will have won the victory.

And your husband, the legendary Alberto Salerno, what did he tell you?
He looked at me badly, I reassured him: “Uei, I’m not undressing myself. At my age it is more than covered “. But he liked the idea: it’s fun with a high end. With my experience, I couldn’t say no.

What host will she be?
Certainly not that “good evening ladies and gentlemen” because I don’t like classic things and I don’t know how to do them. She will be a bit of a narrator, a bit of a shoulder to the competitors I accompany in this undertaking: with them we will listen to the doctors who explain the importance of prevention and the stories of the people who have fought the disease. Like that 44-year-old boy who discovered prostate cancer, which turned his life upside down: now he is fine but if he hadn’t listened to the advice of friends and relatives and hadn’t gone to be examined, what would have happened?

Unbalance: the competitor who hit you the most?
All in the same way, for the commitment and passion they put into it. The funniest thing is their reactions when we called them into the studio and told them they should get naked.

Didn’t they know?
No, they didn’t know. They were all swept away but in the end they agreed to get involved because the mission is very important.

Let’s go ahead: respond to the criticisms of those who will say “but how, all this nudity in prime time?”.
Don’t make me swear and then my daughters scold me. The respectable do not worry because in the grand finale you can glimpse just something but between fires and lights it is all very chaste. And then you see that striptease is an important metaphor: do you know how many people are afraid of going for a check-up or do they experience undressing as a drama? We must explain that we must not be afraid, that it is normal to undergo checks and that, in the eyes of a doctor, all bodies are the same.

When it comes to illness, is social stigma or hypocrisy stronger?
The hypocrisy of not calling things by your name prevails: we must not be afraid to pronounce the word cancer or tumor. Then there is the sense of guilt, the despondency that resonates relentlessly in your brain, the shame: but why be ashamed, unfortunately the disease in this is damn democratic and can affect everyone.

It struck her too, seven years ago, with a dry diagnosis: breast cancer. First reaction?
Fright. I took exams every year, it was a very bad time. They also discovered it thanks to a dream.

I dreamed of being in a huge hall: at a certain point a gentleman approaches me asking my age and I answer him 36. He adds 33, adds up and checks 69, a number that rang out to me in the following days putting me a little bit of anguish. By chance I go to check the report of an exam and I realize that the doctor had written: Mara Maionchi, 69 years old, but I was 73 at the time. I checked the next day and I found cancer. Fortunately, when I was operated on, they immediately told me that the lymph nodes were healthy and that there were no metastases.

How is fear exorcised?
Everyone does it in their own way. Confronting those who have had the same disease, keeping themselves under control, working and leading a life as normal as possible. Of course, a good dose of irony helps.

Can one be ironic about the disease?
You must be serious and rigorous in dealing with the treatments but a little lightness is essential to avoid being crushed by anxiety and fear. While I was on the couch in the operating room, the reconstructive doctor came in, I looked him straight in the eye and said: “I would like a sixth size, thank you”. They all burst out laughing. I’ve been flat all my life, I wanted to finish in glory.

Fedez has publicly told of his pancreatic cancer: there are those who praised him and those who criticized him harshly. What is your idea?
Those who criticized him did not understand the power of Federico’s message: how sick you feel you think you are alone. However, knowing that there is someone in the same situation as you, no matter how famous and distant from you, gives you a lifesaver of hope. He did well. I give many conferences in which I tell about my tumor and do you know how many sick women thank me because they feel understood and less alone?

Speaking of Fedez: what do you think of the new X Factor jury?
On paper I like it, it seems up-to-date and well-assorted. They are in line with the historical moment and with the kind of music that works today. Here, today I would be in difficulty because my listening skills are not very in tune with current music.

Last question: Those good girls was a cult but Orietta Berti dumped you to go and be a columnist at Big Brother Vip. You and Sandra Milo who are you going to leave with?
We will see it in the coming months. The idea of ​​the format is nice, not because it is mine but because we have sent an important message: who said that old people are to be thrown away? If the production finds another mature woman like us ready to go, the program will be made.

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