Elisabetta, the announcement of death and the shocking scene behind the conductor: "How disgusting, total lack of respect"

Elisabetta, the announcement of death and the shocking scene behind the conductor: “How disgusting, total lack of respect”

The announcement of the death of the Queen Elizabeth will forever represent a historic moment for BBC. In fact, public television in the United Kingdom was the first to break the news, and did so thanks to the mastery of the host Huw Edwards. The attention of many viewers, however, was not focused on the anchorman, but on what was happening behind him: a scene that left many stunned.

Queen Elizabeth, the last voyage: the coffin that left Balmoral headed for Edinburgh

BBC, live selfie during the announcement of Elizabeth’s death

As Huw Edwards announced the death of Queen Elizabeth, behind him, inside the BBC newsroom, were two people taking a selfie. All this, live on TV and in one of the most solemn moments in the history of the broadcaster. Or at least, so it seems looking from the images, which are still very blurry.

This was reported by the Mirror, which also reports various reactions from users on the web. “While Huw Edwards was announcing the queen’s death, there was someone behind him taking a selfie. Have a little respect “- reads between the various comments -” A disgusting thing, a real shame that the BBC no longer has control over its staff. “

Not all, however, are of the same opinion. There are also those who believe that the controversy is excessive, like one user who writes: «It is not worth discussing further. People want a noble title for Huw Edwards only because she has read a prepared speech and at the same time attacks those who would not show respect for a woman they had never even met. This is North Korean stuff. ‘

BBC, Huw Edwards’ speech

Meanwhile, however, the historic BBC host Huw Edwards collects the praise of an entire country in mourning. The journalist, on state television since 1984, had not only prepared the mourning dress (as is customary) for the live broadcast, but he chose a sober but at the same time solemn way to announce the death of Elizabeth. This is because, as revealed by his friend Alastair Campbell (Tony Blair’s former consultant), «he knew that this sad day would come and for months he had been practicing precisely on that announcement, reciting it continuously in front of the mirror. He did it superbly ».

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