"It was she who did it!", Totti accuses Ilary: what a dig!

“It was she who did it!”, Totti accuses Ilary: what a dig!

Francesco Totti has finally broken the silence. After the releases announcing her separation from Ilary Blasithe former Giallorossi captain wanted to put a point on the issue in a very long interview with Corriere della Sera.

These are his words:

“I haven’t said a word yet. I said I wasn’t going to talk and I didn’t. But I’ve read too much nonsense, too many hoaxes. Some have even made my children suffer. Thats enough”.

I want to clarify this point: I was not the first to betray. Then I’ll be silent again. Whatever will be replied to me, I will shut up. Because my priority is to protect my children“.

Totti Ilary

THE BEGINNING OF THE CRISIS: “The real crisis exploded between March and April of last year. But I had been suffering for some time. It all started in 2016. My penultimate year as a footballer. Quitting isn’t easy. It’s a bit like dying “

Later I also left Rome, where I had started working as a manager. The break with the old property was traumatic: like having to leave your home. I was fragile, I lacked references, and Ilary did not understand the importance of this pain. Then he arrived on October 12, 2021“.

“My dad died that day. Covid. And I last saw it on August 26th. Luckily there were the children. Finally I was able to spend more time with Cristian, Chanel and Isabel. My wife instead, when I needed her most, she wasn’t there. In the spring of 2021 we went into crisis definitively. The last year has been tough. There was no more dialogue, there was no longer anything “.

ABOUT NOEMI BOCCHI: “Noemi Bocchi was not at the stadium with me. We arrived with different cars, we had different seats. Do you think I’m taking my lover to the Olimpico? A more intimate environment isn’t it? However, it is true that I already knew her. And I frequented her as a friend of hers, with her padel friends. Our story began after the New Year. And it consolidated in March 2022. I repeat: I was not the first to betray“.

Totti Ilary

ON BETRAYAL:In September of last year the rumors began to arrive: look that Ilary has another. Indeed, more than one. It seemed impossible to me. Instead I found the messages. When I got warnings from different people, whom I trust, I got suspicious. I looked at her cell phone. And I saw that there was a third person, her hairdresser, who acted as an intermediary between Ilary and another“.

I kept it all inside. I haven’t told anyone. I am not one who turns a blind eye, but I preferred to ignore it. I sent down, not to break the family, to protect the kids. I suffered like a dog. She said to me: this year I stay a little longer in Milan, I go back to Rome less, and I thought: I believe it, you have this other one … But I still hoped it wasn’t true “

There have been rumors in the past. On her and on me. But they were indeed rumors. Here was the evidence. The facts. And that threw me into depression. I couldn’t sleep anymore. I pretended nothing happened but it was no longer me, I was another person. I got out thanks to Noemi ”.

Totti Ilary

“When on February 22 Dagospia published the photo at Noemi’s stadium, the one taken in December, Ilary asked me for an account. I denied it. At first I didn’t tell the truth, neither to her nor to her children; as it was inevitable, since I still hoped to save everything. But at that point I took off a burden, and I asked Ilary about this other man. She also denied at first. He said he had never met him. Then she realized I knew, and she told me that they had only met with that guy for coffee. We also had a three-way confrontation with Alessia, and they both denied it. In fact, I know that they had met as early as March 2021. And that she dated him and other men a little too closely. Before my story with Noemi was born “.

He had me followed by a private investigator. People very close to her put bedbugs in my car, and the GPS to know where I was going; when it was enough for him to ask me. Other people have stationed themselves under Noemi’s house… ”.

I fear that with Ilary he will end up in court. I still hope that we can find an agreement and end this story here. For sure, now I am silent ”.

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