Asse da stiro: 5 modelli, soluzioni e consigli

Ironing board: 5 models, space-saving solutions and tips you don’t know

Generally there are few who like to iron, but undoubtedly this activity is part of the daily routine of many and it can be simplified and improved considerably with some precautions, such as having a good ironing board, compatible with your own. needs.

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Ironing board: 5 models, solutions and advice

Large, small, more or less compact ironing boardsin various materials, wall, table, aspirating, with more or less advanced accessories. The market offers a lot and this could complicate the choice a bit. So let’s try to shed some light identifying the 5 main models from which you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Ironing board: 5 models, solutions and advice

1. Wooden ironing board

Ironing board: 5 models, solutions and advice

L’ironing board with wooden structure it is not among the lightest and cheapest models, but it is destined to last a long time and it can become a rather pleasant presence in the house. It is about a functional element, but of which one must certainly not be ashamedalthough generally, when not in use, it ends up in some closet or behind a door, since usually, wooden models as well as in other materials, they can be folded up and end up taking up very little space.

The most complete and advanced wooden ironing boards provide supports for the iron, but also for storing linen to be ironed and ironed and in some cases they are configured as a real piece of furniture, which usually has a retractable axisso as to save space and gain aesthetically.

2. Economic ironing board

Ironing board: 5 models, solutions and advice

The ironing board is an accessory with undoubted functionality, which can be easily purchased in various types of shops. Often it is a rather cheap object, which however does its job very well.

A’cheap ironing board, it is usually light, small, versatile, easy to store in a small space and you will end up pulling it out only when you actually have to iron something. Nothing demanding, in short, but a really valid solution for those who do not have too many expectations and prefer to save.

If you don’t stretch a lot or we really don’t like this activity, it is useless to buy a bulky and feature-rich axis, the most minimal model and consequently also simpler and cheaper it will be just finehowever, paying some attention to the quality of materials and workmanship.

Wanting to save at all costs does not always prove to be a winning strategya product of too poor quality could end up breaking soon, canceling the initial savings.

3. Table ironing board

Ironing board: 5 models, solutions and advice

Generally, the ironing board rests on legs, often foldable to take up minimal space when not in use. But they also exist models that adopt different solutions and are, for example, designed to be placed on a tablea desk or wherever you prefer to use a horizontal surface for ironing.

The table-top ironing board is generally chosen by those who do not have much space available, so it may happen that it is shorter compared to other models. Generally it is equipped with small trestles or legs that raise it a few centimeters from the table and you can use it while standing or sitting, according to your preferences. It goes without saying that this type of ironing board is not particularly suitable for bulky sheets or linens.

4. Wall ironing board

Ironing board: 5 models, solutions and advice

The ironing board on the wall or on the wall has a growing number of admirers and indeed in many cases it is really comfortable. It’s about a versatile and excellent solution even for those with little space available and wishes to have a functional home, but at the same time beautiful and of course always in perfect order.

There are various models of the axis fixed to the wallwith different possible technologies and approaches, but all united by the fact that they can be fixed to a vertical element, usually just to a wall, and they can be folded taking up very little space once closed. Some variants turn out to be totally retractable, others remain visible, but with a small footprint.

There are ironing boards that fold but remain a monoblock, others that fold into two or three parts. Some are shorter than standard ironing boards, others have regular measurements, a lot depends on the space you have available and your preferencesthe options are truly numerous.

5. Retractable ironing board

Ironing board: 5 models, solutions and advice

The cited wall ironing boards can be retractable, but not only. There are ironing boards that manage to disappear into a piece of furniture, for example. The solutions, approaches and technologies are numerousbut the goal is always the same, have an ironing board that when not in usethat is, in most of the time, remain hidden from view as much as possible.

Some retractable ironing boards are cabinets, in some cases elegant and completely unsuspectedwhich, if necessary, open and reveal the axis in a few seconds, still serving as a support base and possibly having drawers, shelves and other elements, which reveal themselves useful and absolutely usable even when the axis is not used.

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Often we focus little on the ironing board, it is not an element that fascinates those looking for new ways to make the home beautiful and functional, but it is an almost indispensable accessory and as such it deserves a little more attention. In our photogallery some important ideas to help you choose the model that best suits your needs.

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