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  • Thank you for following the live stream of Atalanta-Cremonese 1-1 valid for the 6th day and see you at the next Serie A matches.14:32

  • Cremonese in the next day will face Sarri’s Lazio at Giovanni Zini in Cremona, while the Goddess is expected in the big match at the Olimpico against Mourinho’s Rome.14:32

  • Everything happens, or almost everything, in the second half of the match: a match that struggles to unlock until minute number 65 where a goal against Atalanta is canceled due to a deviation with the hand from Okoli on a free-kick beaten by Koopmeiners aimed at the mirror. Ten minutes later, from the same position on the right, Koopmeiners beats the free-kick with a straight cross in the center, where Demiral hits the head and scores 1-0. Very little passes and the Cremonese brings the result in a draw: Ascacibar’s shot from outside with Musso who rejects badly towards his right, where Valeri arrives who punishes him with a left to cross. Atalanta tries to push to regain the advantage but the team coached by Alvini manages to defend itself and snatch a point.14:32

  • Alvini’s Cremonese manages to stop the leaders with a draw and reaches 2 in the standings. However, Gasp’s Atalanta remains in first position on equal points with Napoli and Milan.14:24

  • 90 ‘+ 5’

    It ends here! Atalanta-Cremonese ends with the result of 1-1!14:22

  • 90 ‘+ 5’

    … and yellow for Merih Demiral following conspicuous protests for the foul whistled against Ederson.18:00

  • 90 ‘+ 4’

    Double yellow card for Atalanta: yellow for Éderson for irregularly stopping a Cremonese counterattack …14:21

  • 90 ‘

    There will be 5 minutes of recovery.14:20

  • 90 ‘

    Opportunity for Okoli! The usual Koopmeiners brings the ball close to the flag on the right and crosses a low shot in the center of the area, where Okoli fits very well, hitting first with the right: Radu very good at defusing the shot and keeping it there.14:18

  • 89 ‘

    Tired and long teams in this final.14:15

  • 88 ‘

    Zortea jumps Meitè with a dribble and tries the conclusion with the right from 25 meters. She ball blocked by Radu.14:15

  • 87 ‘

    … Brandon Soppy exits, Joakim Mæhle enters.14:12

  • 85 ‘

    Last changes also for Gasperini: Hans Hateboer leaves, Nadir Zortea enters …22:41

  • 84 ‘

    … Leonardo Sernicola exits, Jack Hendry enters.14:10

  • 83 ‘

    Double substitution for Cremonese: Cyriel Dessers exits, Daniel Ciofani enters …14:10

  • 82 ‘

    Afena-Gyan is shown a yellow card! The grigiorosso striker intervenes late to the detriment of Okoli.14:10

  • 78 ‘

    GOAL! Atalanta-CREMONESE 1-1! Valeri drew immediately! Action in the strait outside the area of ​​the Goddess by Alvini’s men, with Ascacibar concluding with the right from the edge. Strong but central ball, with Musso who rejects badly with a bagher: the quickest on the rebound is Valeri who beats the Argentine goalkeeper with a left-footed shot, with the ball slipping into the net towards the opposite post.

    Look at the card of the player Emanuele Valeri14:09

    Emanuele Valeri
  • 77 ‘

    Third substitution for Atalanta: Lookman leaves, Mario Pašalić enters.14:04

  • 74 ‘

    GOAL! ATALANTA-Cremonese 1-0! Demiral scored! Punishment beaten from the right, as in the occasion of the canceled goal, with Koopmeiners who crosses in the center and finds Demiral who hits the head and leaves no way out for Radu, also betrayed by a slight deviation from Toloi.

    Look at the player’s profile Merih Demiral14:03

    Merih Demiral
  • 71 ‘

    Santiago Ascacíbar is shown a yellow card! The newcomer intervenes late in a slip against Okoli and hits him in full. The referee runs and warns at the end of the action.13:59

  • 69 ‘

    … David Okereke exits, Felix Afena-Gyan enters.13:55

  • 68 ‘

    Double substitution for Cremonese: Charles Pickel exits, Santiago Ascacíbar enters …13:55

  • 68 ‘

    On the new punishment, Atalanta tries a new scheme, with Lookman served in the area all alone but with an imprecise ball that ends up on the bottom.13:54

  • 66 ‘

    Yellow card for Pickel! Late intervention against Soppy along the sideline.18:00

  • 65 ‘

    Memeh Caleb Okoli Yellow Card18:56

  • 65 ‘

    Goal canceled in Koopmeiners! Free kick beaten very well by the Dutch midfielder, from the outer area to the right of the opponent’s area, with the ball traveling very fast and beating Radu on his right. However, the VAR intervenes and signals a deviation of the hand by Okoli just before the ball entered the goal.13:53

  • 62 ‘

    Second yellow of the match: Luka Lochoshvili warned! Great play by Højlund who first holds the ball near the flag, then jumps the Georgian defender who holds him conspicuously and is booked.13:50

  • 60 ‘

    First substitution also for Cremonese: Gonzalo Escalante exits, Luca Zanimacchia enters. Alvini is ready with the 3-4-1-2.13:47

  • 58 ‘

    First yellow of the match: Leonardo Sernicola warned! Toloi serves Soppy from the side who defends the ball with his body and is hit from behind by Sernicola.13:45

  • 57 ‘

    … Ruslan Malinovskyi exits, Éderson enters.13:44

  • 56 ‘

    Double replacement of the Goddess: Luis Muriel leaves, Rasmus Højlund enters …13:43

  • 52 ‘

    On the corner kick taken by Malinovskyi the ball crosses the entire penalty area and ends up on the bottom on the opposite side.13:39

  • 52 ‘

    Muriel is served with a through ball, good Chiriches to fold and send in a corner kick.13:39

  • 49 ‘

    Koopmeiners serves Muriel vertically, who comes to meet and unloads first for Malinovskyi, who badly tows and stretches the ball back into possession of the Cremonese.13:36

  • 45 ‘

    Off to the second half! Possession for Cremonese.13:32

  • The challenges between Demiral-Dessers and Chiriches-Muriel are interesting, with their respective defenders who are currently getting the better of their respective opponents, giving them very little.13:23

  • Atalanta and Cremonese go to rest with the result of 0 to 0. Match that struggles to pick up pace, with the teams well positioned on the pitch and with the heat that is felt. A couple of occasions on each side, with Radu and Musso who put a patch on the conclusions of Koopmeiners and Escalante respectively and keep the result in perfect equality.13:21

  • 45 ‘+ 1’

    Referee Andrea Colombo blows the whistle twice and sends the teams to the locker room.13:17

  • 41 ‘

    Lookman opportunity! Toloi serves Lookman vertically, who receives, turns and starts the conclusion from the edge of the area: the ball goes very close to the post to Radu’s right.13:13

  • 41 ‘

    Punishment beaten again with a pattern by Malinovskyi, with the ball reaching Soppy alone at the edge of the area that tries a conclusion but is strangled and does not create dangers for the grigiorossa defense.13:12

  • 40 ‘

    Malinovskyi receives the ball on the trocar in the right area but is knocked down: free kick from an interesting area for the Goddess.13:10

  • 31 ‘

    In the next action Muriel gets on his own and tries a right low shot from the edge of the area, but the ball ends up out to Radu’s right.13:02

  • 30 ‘

    Sernicola tries with his right, ball out! Corner kick taken by Valeri from the left, ball that is rejected at the edge of the area where Sernicola arrives who with a stop from the chest jumps an opponent and directs it to the right, a strong conclusion that hits the outside part of the net of the pole at the left of Musso.13:02

  • 23 ‘

    Radu’s Grand Parade on Koopmeiners! Punishment from the trocar, close to Atalanta’s left lineout, beaten by Muriel with a surprise pass on the edge of the area for Koopmeiners left guilty only by the grigiorossa defense, with the Dutch midfielder hitting from the left: Radu sees her at the last and with a thrust of the kidneys he takes the ball away from the lower corner to his right.12:56

  • 21 ‘

    Malinovskyi takes the Cremonese defense for a walk, once closed he tries a magical play with a through ball for Muriel in the center of the area: the Colombian, however, did not understand the intentions of his teammate and the ball ends up on the bottom.12:51

  • 15 ‘

    Double chance for Cremonese! Okoli loses a dangerous ball on the edge of the area with Dessers who takes the ball, points Demiral in one on one and kicks but is rebounded. On the rebound, Escalante arrives with a sure shot with a right-footed rebound from the edge, but Musso makes a great save and sends in a corner kick.12:49

  • 13 ‘

    Chiriches tries to throw Dessers with a long pass from the defense, but the ball is long and comes comfortably into Musso’s hands.12:44

  • 8 ‘

    On the opposite side, Pickel tries with a right low shot from the edge of the area, a slow and easy ball for Musso.12:40

  • 7 ‘

    The Goddess recovers the ball on the trocar, with Muriel who carries the ball to the edge of the area and tries the right to turn: the ball is insidious but central, he pushes Radu sideways.12:37

  • 5 ‘

    Muriel tries to surprise the grigiorossa defense by quickly hitting a throw-in from the trocar in the direction of Lookman, but the ball picks up speed bouncing to the ground and is blocked by Radu.12:36

  • 2′

    The first cross of the match comes from the left with Soppy looking for Hateboer, the ball arrives comfortably in Radu’s hands.12:32

  • Let’s go! First ball played by Atalanta.half past twelve

  • The match will be directed by the referee Andrea Colombo, from the Como section. The assistants will be Schirru and Di Giacinto. The fourth man Gualtieri, with Guida al VAR and Preti al AVAR.12:04

  • Alvini relies on a 5-man midfield made up of Escalante, Pickel and Meitè in the center, with Sernicola and Valeri on the flanks. In defense confirmed the trio seen in the last game with Sassuolo made up of Aiwu, Chiriches and Lochoshvili in front of Radu. In attack the couple Okereke-Dessers.12:04

  • OFFICIAL LINE-UP: Cremonese responds with a 3-5-2: Radu – Aiwu, Chiriches, Lochoshvili – Sernicola, Escalante, Pickel, Meitè, Valeri – Okereke, Dessers.12:04

  • Gasperini’s Atalanta is placed with Musso between the posts and Toloi, Demiral and Okoli to form the defensive trio. In midfield confirmation for the median duo formed by De Roon and Koopmeiners, with Hateboer on the right and Soppy on the left. In attack, Muriel sees himself after the injury, supported by Malinovskyi and Lookman.12:04

  • OFFICIAL FORMATIONS: Atalanta takes the field with a 3-4-2-1: Musso – Toloi, Demiral, Okoli – Hateboer, De Roon, Koopmeiners, Soppy – Malinovskyi, Lookman – Muriel.12:03

  • The Cremonese of Massimiliano Alvini last day obtained the first point of this championship against Sassuolo, after the difficulties encountered in the first four days in which as many defeats emerged. Difficult challenge today for the grigiorossi who will try to hinder the path of the Bergamo players and climb the rankings.12:06

  • Despite the favorable ranking, the home team is faced with the absence of Zapata and with a Muriel who is facing a complicated start to the season. The summer market, however, offered Gasp the opportunity to fish from a very wide range, with talented grafts such as Ederson, Lookman and Hojlund.12:03

  • The Bergamo team, coached by Gian Piero Gasperini, presents itself to the challenge with 13 points in the standings, gained thanks to the victories over Sampdoria, Hellas Verona, Turin and Monza, and with the internal draw with Milan.12:03

  • Atalanta and Cremonese face each other today for the 35th time in their history in a championship match, with the previous clashes in perfect parity: 12 wins each and 10 draws.12:02

  • Welcome to the live writing of the match between Atalanta-Cremonese, valid for the 6th day of the Serie A championship.12:02

  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: Gewiss Stadium
    City: Bergamo
    Capacity: 26724 spectators12:02

    Gewiss Stadium
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