Sassuolo – Udinese: 1-3 Serie A 2022/2023. Final result and commentary on the match – Virgilio Sport

  • 90 ‘+ 3’

    GOAL! Sassuolo – UDINESE 1-3! Beto network. Lovric in depth for Beto who only in front of Consiglio pierces him with a flat shot.16:55

  • 90 ‘+ 2’

    Substitution in Sassuolo, Alvares enters for Matheus Henrique.16:54

  • 90 ‘+ 1’

    GOAL! Sassuolo 1-2 UDINESE! Samardzic network. Pereyra for Samardzic who receives the ball with the sole if he puts it on the right and from the edge starts a low shot that inserts Consiglio.

    Look at the player profile Lazar Samardzic16:53

    Lazar Samardzic
  • 90 ‘

    There will be 4 minutes of recovery.16:51

  • 85 ‘

    Pereyra again for Beto, another header and ball not far to the right of Consiglio.16:46

  • 83 ‘

    Samardzic deep for Beto, the striker touches the ball but hits the outside of the net.16:45

  • 81 ‘

    Makengo takes the place of Deulofeu in Udinese.16:42

  • 81 ‘

    Mark for Pinamonti in Sassuolo.16:42

  • 78 ‘

    SAMARDZIC! Scrum in the area and the ball to Samardzic who manages to finish low from the edge, Advice attentive.16:39

  • 75 ‘

    GOAL! Sassuolo – UDINESE 1-1! Beto network. Deulofeu for Pereyra who from the bottom manages to put a soft cross in the area, Beto from a few steps only has to crush her head into the net.16:37

  • 72 ‘

    Yellow card for Maxime Lopez, dangerous game.16:33

  • 68 ‘

    Thorstvedt for Lauriente.16:29

  • 68 ‘

    Two changes also in Sassuolo, Harroui for Frattesi.16:29

  • 68 ‘

    Beto for Success.16:29

  • 67 ‘

    Two substitutions in Udinese, Walace leaves, Nestorovski enters.16:28

  • 64 ‘

    Free kick from distance by Lauriente, high ball over the crossbar.16:26

  • 63 ‘

    Yellow card for Ehizibue, foul on Mateus Henrique.16:25

  • 61 ‘

    After the hour of play, there were no great emotions in this shot. Udinese holds the ball but does not break through.16:23

  • 58 ‘

    Supporting the Sassuolo wall, Udinese finds no space.16:23

  • 54 ‘

    Continue to press Udinese who try to attack, Sassuolo waits low and tries to restart.16:16

  • 50 ‘

    It is an aggressive Udinese who started the second half, Sassuolo holds up but is closing behind.16:12

  • 46 ‘

    The second half of SASSUOLO – UDINESE begins.16:07

  • 46 ‘

    Substitution in Sassuolo, Ayhan enters for Kiriakopoulos.16:07

  • 46 ‘

    Samardzic takes the place of Arslan.16:06

  • 46 ‘

    Two changes in Udinese, in Ehizibue for Ebosse.16:06

  • Game fought and blocked for large sections, a close conclusion from Frattesi thinks to break the balance. In the final red directed to Ruan for a foul from the last man.15:49

  • 45 ‘+ 2’

    End of the first half: SASSUOLO – UDINESE 1-0.15:48

  • 45 ‘

    There will be 2 minutes of recovery.15:46

  • 43 ‘

    EXPELLED RUAN! Do it last man on Success, there is no doubt for Campione.15:44

  • 40 ‘

    Presumed touch of Becao’s hand, check VAR but for the referee everything is regular.15:41

  • 38 ‘

    Poisonous conclusion by Lauriente on an assist from Frattesi. Silvestri has to stretch to send the ball to the side.15:39

  • 37 ‘

    Udinese try to react but Sassuolo holds up well behind.15:37

  • 33 ‘

    GOAL! SASSUOLO – Udinese 1-0! Network of Frattesi. Lauriente in the area with a soft touch frees Frattesi, a powerful conclusion on the first post and an advantage for the hosts.

    Look at the player’s profile Davide Frattesi15:35

    Davide Frattesi
  • 30 ‘

    Sassuolo tries with good phrasing to approach the Udinese area, but misses the last step.15:31

  • 25 ‘

    Yellow card for Ebosse for a hard sliding entry.15:27

  • 25 ‘

    Udinese restart, Deulofeu for Success who tries the first shot from the edge, but hits the ball badly. Ball in the stands.15:26

  • 24 ‘

    Despite the good intensity, he is struggling to gain height in the game and there are still no real scoring opportunities.15:24

  • 20 ‘

    Twenty minutes of play, a balanced match, Udinese is now trying to raise the center of gravity.15:20

  • 15 ‘

    Deulofeu for Ebosse, first shot from the edge but ball wide.15:15

  • 13 ‘

    Overlap of Udogie and the ball in the middle, Lauriente sends for a corner.15:13

  • 8 ‘

    Yellow card for Becao, foul in midfield on Lauriente.15:09

  • 8 ‘

    Pereyra’s action of arrogance who serves Deulofeu, the Spaniard tries to pocket for Success who does not find the door.15:09

  • 7 ‘

    The home team was more aggressive in these first few minutes. Udinese remains compact and on the defensive.15:07

  • 3 ‘

    Balanced but intense start to the race.15:03

  • 1 ‘

    STARTING WHISTLE OF SASSUOLO – UDINESE. Camplone referees.15:01

  • In Sassuolo, confirmations ahead of the last outing against Cremonese, so the newcomer Laurentie plays with Kyriakopoulos at his side in support of Pinamonti. In the middle of the field with Frattesi are Lopez and Mateus Henrique. In attack Udinese plays Success, flanked by Deulofeu. Pereyra will act on the outside with Udogie covering the other wing. Beto starts from the bench.14:34

  • UDINESE formation (3-5-2): Silvestri – Perez, Becao, Ebosse – Pereyra, Lovric, Walace, Arslan, Udogie – Success, Deulofeu. Available: Padelli, Piana, Festy, Makengo, Jajalo, Beto, Abankwah, Nuytinck, Ehizibue, Samardzic, Nestorovski.14:10

  • SASSUOLO formation (4-3-3): Advice – Toljan, Ruan, Ferrari, Rogerio – Frattesi, Lopez, Mateus Henrique – Lauriente, Pinamonti, Kyriakopoulos. Available: Pegolo, Russo, Marchizza, Ayhan, Harroui, Alvarez, Obiang, Ceide, Antiste, Thorstvedt.14:09

  • The Emilians come from three consecutive draws, while the Friulians are in an excellent moment of form, three consecutive victories, the last with a clear 4-0 against Roma.13:57

  • In Reggio Emilia, the challenge between Sassuolo and Udinese is staged, two teams that are experiencing two different moments of form.13:52

  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: MAPEI Stadium – City of the Tricolor
    City: Reggio nell’Emilia
    Capacity: 23717 spectators13:52

    MAPEI Stadium - City of the Italian flag
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