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With the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the passing of the kingdom to her son Charles, now King Charles III, the wife of the ruler Camilla Parker Bowles assumed the title of queen consort. It is a symbolic title, which does not imply inclusion in the line of succession to the throne, but twenty years ago it would have been unimaginable that she would have assumed it.

Camilla is the person with whom Carlo had a clandestine relationship for years, and whom Princess Diana – Carlo’s first wife, beloved in the UK and elsewhere and who died in a car accident in 1997 – had publicly blamed for the failure of her marriage. . Carlo and Camilla married in 2005, but in the UK there has been discussions for years about whether she should take on a title that many felt she was not entitled to.

Today the public has become accustomed to seeing what is now King Charles III alongside his wife Camilla: the two have been appearing together for years on official occasions and ceremonies and Charles described it, the last time in his first address to the nation , as a fundamental figure in one’s life. But for many years Camilla was seen as an intruder, “the other woman” compared to Diana: a perception due to the immense popularity of Princess Diana and the intensity with which everything was told by the media and above all by the tabloid press. English. Camilla recently admitted that it was not easy to get accepted as a member of the royal family.

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Camilla Rosemary Shand was born on July 17, 1947 in London, into a high-ranking and very well-to-do family: her father was a former army officer who later became an entrepreneur, and her mother a wealthy housewife of aristocratic origins. Her maternal great-grandmother, Alice Keppel, was the longtime lover and confidant of Edward VII, the eldest son of Queen Victoria and King of the United Kingdom from 1901 to 1910.

Stories and biographies about her say that she had a happy childhood, spent largely with her parents, brother and sister on the family estate in the Sussex countryside in the south of the United Kingdom: a very happy childhood. different, say some biographers, from that of Charles, much more alone because of the frequent travels of his parents (Queen Elizabeth II was one of the heads of state who have traveled the most in history).

At 16, Camilla went to Switzerland to attend a “finishing school”, a school for completing ordinary education designed to prepare young women of high society for the good manners, etiquette and rituals of high society. She then she went to Paris to study French at the University of London Institute for six months.

In 1965 she returned to London, where she continued to frequent clubs and occasions of the most high-ranking social life in the city and worked for a while as a secretary for some companies and in the public relations of Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler, a British furniture company based in Mayfair. , central London district. She cultivated hobbies such as horseback riding, gardening and painting. Described as self-confident and sociable, in the 1960s she had an affair with a cavalry officer, Andrew Parker Bowles, whom she married years later and from whom she took her surname.

Queen consort Camilla Parker Bowles alongside King Charles III on the day of his proclamation as the new ruler of the United Kingdom (Jonathan Brady / Pool Photo via AP)

Camilla met Prince Charles in the seventies: they were about twenty years old and according to biographers, Carlo immediately fell in love with him. They frequented the same friends, the same clubs and Andrew Parker Bowles played polo (equestrian sport) with him. Carlo was part of the Navy and in 1972 he left for an eight-month mission abroad: during that interval Andrew Parker Bowles asked Camilla to marry him, and she accepted. Shortly thereafter, Diana was introduced to Carlo, and the two married in 1981.

Carlo and Camilla never stopped dating and on the contrary became more and more related: Camilla asked him to be the godfather of her son, and in the English tabloid press reports of quarrels and discontent between Diana and Carlo due to the relations of the latter ended several times. with Camilla. One of the most filmed episodes was the so-called “Camillagate tapes” of 1993, ie the recording of a phone call between Carlo and Camilla obtained from the press, in which Carlo told Camilla «I would live in your pants, or something like that».

An interview circulated a lot in which, some time later, Princess Diana talked about her marriage crisis with Carlo and alluding to Camilla said: “We were three in that marriage.”

Camilla and Carlo divorced each other’s spouses more or less at the same time: she in 1995 and he in 1996. The following year, 1997, was that of Diana’s death, an event that had enormous resonance in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. of the world and that greatly catalyzed both her popularity and Camilla’s perception as a stranger to the royal family.

Then began what BBC he called a progressive and “carefully choreographed” campaign to rehabilitate Parker Bowles in the public eye. Eight years later, in 2005, Carlo and Camilla were married in a short civil ceremony at the Windsor Guildhall, a historic building in Berkshire, west of London. Even then the tabloid press portrayed Camilla as the person who had unfairly taken Diana’s place.

Some British tabloid press covers on the upcoming marriage between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles (AP Photo / Adam Butler, File)

The question of the future attribution of the title of “queen consort” to Camilla was debated for years and was the subject of articles and polls. It can be said that it ended a few months ago, when on the occasion of the platinum jubilee for the 70 years of her reign, last June, Queen Elizabeth herself said to “sincerely hope” that Camilla would receive this title after the death of she.

King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla at the entrance to Buckingham Palace on Friday 9 September 2022 (Yui Mok – WPA Pool / Getty Images)

Today Camilla is 75 years old, with two children and five grandchildren. As King Charles, you have been involved in a number of charitable initiatives and awareness campaigns in recent years, particularly on osteoporosis and domestic violence. She will have to give up some of these commitments, which also involved her husband, now that he has become king and she has become queen consort.

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