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Atalanta first with Milan and Naples, new Var – Sport controversies

The escape of Atalanta fades into the trap of the Lombard derby, which perhaps pays for the short arm of the tennis player as well as the error of his goalkeeper, and Serie A, in the intermediate round between the first two days of Cups, rediscovers the charm of the ranking short, with Napoli and Milan flanking Gasperini in the lead. But behind the trio in command, Sottil’s Udinese advances like a steam roller, surprise of the season that, after having overwhelmed Roma, comeback and spreads a Sassuolo in ten, signs the fourth consecutive victory and confidently awaits Inter in Friuli next Saturday.

Lazio gives continuity to the success against Feyenoord by regulating a combative Verona with a leading goal by Ciro Immobile and a final seal by Luis Alberto. The day was also marked by Fiorentina’s measured but firm protest against the Var’s failure to intervene on an obvious undetected foul by Kasius, in the action that led to the 2-1 victory of Bologna over the viola, and of Lecce who claims two penalties and respect from the referees. It is another turn that generates poisons: after Giampaolo’s words of fire at the end of Samp-Milan, the Lecce president also says he is “damaged” and wonders how it was possible not to see two hand touches in the area at the Var of Monza.

The same question posed by the viola ds Prade ‘(“we are poisoned”). The common denominator of the protest is the belief that there is collaboration and dialogue requested by the referees, but the use of video assistance continues to cause incomprehensible errors. No comments from the referees: awaiting a global assessment of the day, it is above all to the Lecce episodes that the Aia leaders are watching, waiting to understand what happened. Bologna, waiting for Thiago Motta after Mihajlovic’s exoneration, wakes up when Fiorentina takes the lead with Martinez Quarta and within 5 ‘overturns the result with Barrow (on Igor’s mistake) and with the sixth goal from Marco Arnautovic , who then comes out due to injury., on the development of an action in which Kasius’s foul appears clear.

For Vigiani, a passing coach in the first team, a great satisfaction. For Fiorentina it is yet another misstep but the club asks for clarity so as not to make the frequent meetings with the referees useless. The Monza of Berlusconi and Galliani wins the first point, but remains last alone, in the home of Lecce in an anticipation of the salvation clashes. Sensi brushes a nice free kick, then Gonzalez harpoons the same. In the end the referee Pairetto displeased the Apulians who demanded the penalty on two episodes in the area and would have deserved more for the many opportunities created. Atalanta’s march stumbles on a positive Cremonese, which fails to exploit the possibility offered by the favorable calendar. Gasperini has discovered in Koopmeiners the new leader, still the protagonist with a goal canceled due to a foul by Okoli and with an assist for the advantage of Demiral. But Cremonese does not give up and immediately draws with Valeri on a defective rejected by Musso. The difficulty yesterday of Milan, Napoli and Inter who pay for the turnover and effort of the Champions League by winning in different ways but with the minimum difference. If Napoli deserved to beat Spezia and succeeded in the end with Raspadori, Torino made it difficult for Inter who saved themselves with Handanovic’s super saves. The egregious final flicker (assist in Barella’s kiss and elegant touch by Brozovic) is a bit of a mockery for the excellent Toro.

Milan suffers instead in ten for the expulsion of Leao and wins with an implacable penalty by Giroud amidst the vibrant referee protests of Sampdoria. The high ranking of the Friulians is a remarkable feat, given that the club sells its best players every year and always manages to be competitive. This time he carbura late, he suffers the advantage of Frattesi but Sassuolo makes harakiri with the naive expulsion of Ruan for a foul as the last man. Udinese, also thanks to the changes, closes the accounts with a brace from Beto (which reaches 4 goals) and with a jewel from Samardzic. 20 / year old German of Serbian origin, who repeats the great goal seen with Roma. Lazio returns to the high-ranking group by beating Verona in a fast, well-played game full of opportunities. The former Zaccagni, Casale and Cancellieri are busy, but the veterans decide: assist from Milinkovic-Savic and header from Immobile. Two poles by Basic and Henry season an intriguing match, occasions before and after Immobile’s goal, then Luis Alberto’s 2-0 closes a match that cancels the internal knockout with Napoli. The only discordant note, a gesture from Sarri towards the opposing bench.

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