LIVE MN - Vranckx: "Milan grande club, darò il massimo per meritarmi questa occasione. Eredità di Kessie? Sono pronto"

LIVE MN – Vranckx: “Milan great club, I’ll give my all to deserve this opportunity. Kessie’s legacy? I’m ready”

Friends of, welcome to the Milanello press room. Soon Aster Vranckx, the new AC Milan signing, will speak at the conference and will then be presented to the press: the Belgian arrived in the summer from Wolfsburg on a costly loan with the right of redemption set at 12 million euros, yesterday he made his debut with Milan in Serie A against Sampdoria. Stay with us and our live text so as not to miss the statements of the young Rossoneri midfielder.

2.00 pm – Aster Vranckx’s press conference begins.

You strongly wanted Milan as Milan strongly wanted you. What did Milan represent as a symbol during your young career? “For me, Milan is a great club that has made football history, with many great players from the past. Now I’m here and I will train as best I can to deserve this opportunity.”

Last season you had Van Bommel as a manager, how important was he for you as a midfielder? Did he talk to you about Milan? “I learned a lot from him, he had a great career. He gave me advice to help me, it was a great experience.”

The feelings and emotions for yesterday’s debut against Sampdoria: “They were difficult minutes, we were 10. I entered with the mentality of running as much as there was to run to help my teammates. I gave my best, it was a great emotion”.

Do you have a role model, a player you are inspired by? “When I was young, but even now, I watched Moussa Dembele. There are many good players but Moussa Dembele is one of those I have always looked up to with respect and admiration.”

On the interview with Pioli at the end of the game and his relationship with the coach: “What we said remains between him and me, they were tactical issues. He always tries to give me advice and help me to understand how Milan plays.”

What struck you the most in these first weeks of Milan? “It was a great pleasure to be part of this team. The facilities are at the top, they help me and motivate me to give more and more.”

Did you hear from any Belgian team-mates before coming to Milan this summer? “I know Saelemaekers and Divock Origi from the national team, then I’ve known De Ketelaere for a long time and called him: they gave me many positive opinions.”

Where do you like to play? “If I play in midfield I am happy, I like to play in defense even if maybe a little more going forward”.

How important is it to know that Milan focuses a lot on young people? “It was one of the most important reasons that made me come here. I really wanted to be part of being here, I see that there are young talents who are growing well and last year they were also in the Champions League.”

Do you feel ready to take on Kessie’s legacy? “I think I came here with the desire, the determination and the desire to show what I can do. I’m always positive, I’m ready”.

How easy was it for an internationally experienced footballer like you to integrate into last night’s difficult match against Sampdoria? “We had to stay united, press and defend together. We had to give our lives not to concede goals, I entered with this mentality and that’s what we did.”

In a year, why will Aster Vranckx have to be redeemed by AC Milan and become an integral part of the project? “I think about working hard every day in training, when I have the opportunity to play I will try to make the most of it.”

On his ability to press and recover balls: “This is certainly one of my qualities, that of intercepting balls forward”.

14.17 – Vranckx’s lecture ends here.

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