Klaus: "I have 1.5 million fans but my dad calls me a consultant"

Klaus: “I have 1.5 million fans but my dad calls me a consultant”

from Michela Rovelli

The influencer, 25 years old: “Soundtracks, travels, events I spent over half of my life on YouTube”

It is almost impossible to describe in one word the profession of Klausat the registry office Tudor Laurini. “Even my parents, when they ask him ‘what is your son doing?’ they don’t know what to say ». Deejay, Youtuber, activist, event organizer. The 25-year-old born in Rome (and Milanese by adoption) seems unable to sit still. «I filled my desk with passions», from music to the mountains. And for each one, he studies and imagines a new way to tell it to his followers: almost a million and a half on YouTube. Klaus is different from classic influencers: «I’m not a social person. But maybe I’m an influencer, in the literal sense of the word to convey. I feel the responsibility of these numbers ».

When did you open your YouTube channel?

«I started composing music on the computer about 12 years ago. I made several “songs” – I called them that – and published them on MySpace. But they didn’t go. So I started to tell the creative process behind it with videos on YouTube. From music I discovered video editing, graphics and 3D modeling. I cultivated my curiosities in parallel with the school. Then came the travel and concert videos. It’s strange, more than half of my life is on YouTube ».

And the number of your followers has exploded.

«In those days YouTube was just a site where you can upload videos, it wasn’t considered a social network. At a certain point, many people, communities, businesses arrived. I already had a rich channel, one of the few, and it all exploded. Today it’s cool to have high numbers on social media, at the time it was a loser. In third high school I had 300 thousand followers and I was ashamed. I’ve never actually looked for this. Also because I come from a very private family ».

Your parents may not have been very happy with your success then …

«My father discovered it by chance, I always kept everything from him. But at a certain point the situation got out of hand, they recognized me on the street. One day we were at the beach, and a colleague of his says “Do you mind if my son takes a picture with Klaus? You know, he follows him on YouTube, he’s famous ”. Seeing my father’s expression, I understood that the inevitable had happened … ”

Your passion for travel comes from him.

«I started making videos related to travel and the world of the mountains when I moved to Milan. My father traveled a lot and when he came home he hooked up the camera on the TV and left with 4 hours of “patch” of photos. I grew up with the idea of ​​transmitting, of keeping track of something. I did the same thing with the videos: I created a memory for those who followed me ».

Where did you get the money to make these trips? Do you make money on YouTube?

“I have never monetized a euro on YouTube. Only at the beginning, for a few months, but then I entered that dynamic in which the algorithm studies you and you end up thinking like it does. My mind was starting to choose videos to make more money. And so I decided: I didn’t want to be a slave to the algorithm. During school I did a lot of jobs: gardener, waiter, assistant cook … They all lasted a month because I had no experience, but I was very proud because I paid for everything myself. I took flights for 9 euros, discounted trains, went around by bicycle. I was talking about the idea of ​​exploring, of taking and leaving. I have always been convinced that travel, like the mountains, are the things that have made me grow the most ».

Here, your other great passion: the mountains. Which also led you to become the author of the Cortina 2021 World Cup soundtrack.

«It was born right there, in Cortina, with the sounds of the place. Then it was taken for the highlights of the Champions League and Formula 1. And in the end also as a soundtrack of the World Ski Championships. Cortina is the place where I learned to ski, there I discovered the mountains, I made a lot of friends and songs. There I can be calm and carefree. The mountain is the only place where I compare myself with myself ».

And then you met the alpinist Hervé Barmasse.

“He took me and teleported me to the mountains, in his mentality. When we met I told him about my dream of climbing Mont Blanc and last year we went. Hervé activates my super powers. This year we took a tour of Italy with the Cai to tell all the experiences that can be done in the mountains, from climbing to ski mountaineering to the caves. “So you discover the country you live in,” he told me. And we brought our documentary to the Trento Film Festival The track“.

What became of your first passion, music?

«In 2018 I released a song that made a few numbers, 5 million. The following year I managed to have my own European summer tour. I left for what was my dream. At the third stage I wanted to go back and undo everything. At 20, my aspirations had changed. When I found myself in the summer clubs, where people were “breaking up” and I had to play until 6 in the morning and then take a plane a few hours later, I realized that I did not want to do this in life. After the tour I closed all relations, even with the majors. And I went on my own. ‘

And what did you do?

«In 2020 I launched Wanderlust. The idea was a platform for holding events in spaces that my target never visits: museums, places of culture, natural parks. While I was imagining the project, I saw the Fontana room of the Museo del Novecento and I decided: sooner or later I wanted to play there. In the end, for a series of incredible coincidences, it was the first stop. During the quarantine I was a volunteer at the Milan vegetable market. One day the councilor for culture arrived complaining about the restart of the post Covid museums. So I told him “I have a perfect project for you”. And in the end we succeeded. For each work we played a song, creating a virtual tour on YouTube that worked, so much so that many young people then went to visit it ».

In the end, does your father appreciate what you do today?

“She respects him a lot but still doesn’t know what to tell at dinner at Christmas, she says I’m a consultant. That’s okay. From my parents I learned the most important values. When I told him “dad I want the computer” and he replied “you have to earn the money” I did not understand. Now I am aware that everything has happened thanks to him and my mother, to the fact that they have always had an open mind. And they passed it on to me a little too ».

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