Napoli-Spezia 1-0, le pagelle: Raspa punisce l

Napoli-Spezia 1-0, the report cards: Raspa punishes the anti-football! Kvara drives them crazy, Mario Rui risks the omelette

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Meret 6 – He responds to one of La Spezia’s few attempts, then he is cut off on Mario Rui’s suicide backpass but otherwise he is hardly ever engaged.

By Lorenzo 6 – Not very involved in overlapping or in long phrasing phases, also thanks to the action that often develops on the opposite out. It is still clean on the way out, tidy when attacked, even if it rarely happens.

Rrahmani 6.5 – Reads several spice transitions well, slowing down the ball carrier and favoring teammates who regroup. Save on the line avoiding the befa and several one-on-one hits.

Juan Jesus 6.5 – Deployed as owner, he responds present. Watch out for a couple of depth attacks, win lots of duels and get the action going with speed from behind.

Mario Rui 5.5 – He misses a suicidal back pass for Meret who briefly delivers the goal of the prank to Spezia.

Anguissa 6 – He keeps the furious pressure of the Spezia at bay, he often throws himself in as a pure mezzala. He has a great chance to score the second goal in a row, but finds his foot rejected. He leaves purely as a matter of management (from 57 ‘ Zielinski 6.5 – From the beginning or taking over, the quality it manages to give to the maneuver does not change, always finding the hole between the lines)

Ndombele 5.5 – Force a couple of plays, but for characteristics and also for the desire to show off. However, he appears to be growing, at least physically, even if the central position does not match his spirit of initiative. Exits (again) at half-time (from 45 ‘ Lobotka 7 – He enters and speeds up the ball, thanks to his qualities but also to a Spezia that does not gradually have the same intensity. He also throws himself in to create superiority when he is practically taken as a man and changes Napoli)

Elmas 6 – A beautiful serpentine, but otherwise combines with Kvaratskhelia but never finds the right opening. In the second half he can be seen at times, then he loses clarity and is replaced (from 75 ‘ Gaetano sv)

Politano 6 – Not demerit, even if he has mixed results when he tries the play and rarely misses the man. The game develops almost systematically on Kvaratskhelia and he often accompanies without the ball (from 57 ‘ Lozano 6 – He misses two touches from two steps, almost with an empty goal, but he arrives many times on the bottom and in one of these circumstances the ball that leads to the winning goal is born, which inevitably also saves his evaluation)

Raspadori 6.5 – A couple of games in the strait of the highest level, almost exalting himself in traffic, but without being able to affect the shot. From a false nine to all intents and purposes he often does not attack the first post and certainly does not have the weight in the penalty area against the bus placed by Spezia, but after a couple of wrong conclusions he finds the winning right right behind Simeone.

Kvaratskhelia 7 – He is certainly the most dangerous man in Napoli, he systematically overcomes his direct opponent, often even more than one, but always finding opposition to shooting and little luck when assisting his teammate. Unexplained the exit from the field (from 68 ‘ Simeon 6 – It definitely gives weight in the area and changes the cards a bit in the final siege. His presence also helps to create some space for Gaetano and Raspadori behind in the action of the goal)

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