Is it worth buying the Mg ZS 2022?  The pros and cons starting from the price of 15 thousand euros

Is it worth buying the Mg ZS 2022? The pros and cons starting from the price of 15 thousand euros

Since its arrival on the market, MG has established itself as one of the most ambitious Chinese brands. It already offers three models and is expanding its sales network.

Although the manufacturer’s range has expanded, its first commercialized model, the ZS 2022 urban SUV, remains its spearhead. This vehicle is the most interesting from a commercial point of view and all that remains is to deepen the details. So let’s see in this article:

Pros and cons of the new Mg ZS 2022

As with all cars, even in the case of Mg ZS 2022pros and cons go hand in hand. Apart from the new smooth front which makes it immediately identifiable as an electric model, the changes are more than substantial. The ZS is in fact equipped with a new battery, also of CATL origin, which delivers 51 kWh and 177 HP on the standard range version but 70 kWh and 156 HP on the extended range model.

Recall that the old ZS was only available in the 44.5 kWh and 143 hp version. In addition, the car completely modernizes its multimedia system and offers new digital instrumentation. All complemented by a decidedly improved general set-up. All models are entitled to a touchscreen, digital instrumentation, semi-autonomous driving or even hands-free entry.

The level of equipment has improved with the new release which offers a much more modern equipment. However, the steering wheel is not yet adjustable in depth and the air conditioning remains single-zone. If the previous model provided only analog meters, now all ZS receive a modern and complete digital instrumentation. Wacky GPS menus are a thing of the past and navigation is now displayed on a 10.1-inch (8-inch) screen.

Compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto it’s standard. The charging socket has changed position. Moved to the left, it no longer requires you to bend down to see and connect. The trunk volume is unchanged despite the increase in battery size: it remains fixed at 488 liters on both versions. A satisfactory result given the size of the vehicle.

As for performance, though 0-100 kilometers per hour is reached in 0.4 seconds in addition rcompared to the old version, the revamped SUV offers excellent performance, even on the highway. A satisfactory result which, however, is not perfectly balanced by consumption.

Mg ZS 2022: why it is worth buying it

The price comparison of Mg ZS 2022 with those of the old model it is not so easy to establish since it was equipped with only one battery version. Only the new 51 kWh model comes close, but its € 1,000 price increase seems rather modest given the improvements made and the level of equipment offered. To access the high-autonomy version, you need to add 4,000 euros.

Lets have the 70 kWh battery, which induces a WLTP range announced at 440 kilometers. All this for a total of about 14,000 euros as a minimum expenditure commitment. On the power supply side, there is a classic 11 kW on-board battery charger intended for connection to public terminals at low speed. For fast DC charging, the MG ZS accepts up to 92 kW of power, which theoretically allows you to go from 10 to 80% of the battery in 32 minutes on a suitable terminal.

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