In the Monza GP a tragedy was risked: the video of the crane going wrong with the cars speeding by

In the Monza GP a tragedy was risked: the video of the crane going wrong with the cars speeding by

An unpublished video of the 2022 Formula 1 Italian GP shows how during the Safety Car regime on the track at Monza a tragedy was touched with some drivers who suddenly found themselves in front of a crane that went against the flow. An episode that casts doubts on the safety of Ricciardo’s car removal operations and on the justification given by the FIA ​​regarding the disputed management of the situation by the Race Direction.

The controversial ending of the Monza race of Formula 1 2022 won by Max Verstappen behind the Safety Car continues to discuss. And not only for the hard attack of the Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto against the FIA ​​Race Direction who made at least two serious mistakes in the management of operations to remove Ricciardo’s car from the track which crashed in the middle of the track when there were seven laps to go until the end of the race.

A unreleased video circulating on social networks, in fact, highlighted how, during the sixteenth race of the season just while it was under the safety car regime, near potential tragedy with the pilots who suddenly found themselves in front of a crane traveling in the wrong direction on the Brianza route. Episode that seems therefore to deny what was stated by the International Federation to explain how the decisions taken by the Race Direction, challenged by the Maranello team, respected the procedure provided for by the F1 regulations for such situations.

After the end of the Monza race, the FIA ​​in fact issued a statement in defense of the Race Direction and the management of the Safety Car regime which in fact put an end to the race also explaining that there was no such danger for the safety of the drivers on the track as to require a red flag to temporarily suspend the race to allow the removal of Ricciardo’s McLaren stopped on the track in a where there were no escape routes:

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Although every effort was made to quickly retrieve car number 3 (Ricciardo’s, ed) and resume the race, the situation has degenerated because the stewards were not able to put the car in neutral and push it into the escape route. . So long as the safety of the recovery operation is our only priority and the incident was not significant enough to require the red flag – we read in fact in the note issued by the spokesperson of the International Federation under whose aegis the Formula 1 World Championship 2o22 is held –, the race ended in the safety car following the procedures agreed between the FIA ​​and all the Competitors. The timing of the safety car period within a race has no influence on this procedure“.

The video circulating on social networks, however, demonstrates how the safety hazard for the drivers on the track during the removal of Ricciardo’s McLaren from the track was actually high: the images clarify how several single-seaters were forced to brake abruptly to avoid the crane who, after having loaded the Australian’s car, was proceeding at that point of the circuit in the opposite direction.

A very dangerous maneuver that it could cost novice Nyck De Vries dearly (busy weaving to warm the tires of his Williams) who risked hitting the rescue vehicle in full (many admitted to having relived for a moment the nightmare of the tragic accident which took place during the 2014 Japanese GP in Suzuka which cost the life of the 25-year-old Frenchman Jules Bianchi who violently collided with his Marussia just against a crane sent to the track to remove a car stopped on the track). Fortunately, in the end, there was no consequence for the safety of the pilots, even if doubts that the FIA ​​Race Direction in Monza had to display a red flag to suspend the race now there are certainly many more than before.

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