Horoscope of the week // 12 - 18 September 2022

Horoscope of the week // 12 – 18 September 2022

A week of experimentation opens, because many planets will come to connect with Uranus, planet of revolutions and innovation, starting from the Sun on Monday. It will then be the Moon to reach this planet and finally Saturn, whose relationship, however, will last for a few weeks. If in the first days of the week, therefore, there is the possibility of trying new paths and adding a pinch of novelty, from mid-week onwards there is a long period in which this desire for innovation clashes with the structure and the rules. After all, in the first week of Mercury retrograde it is essential to allow yourself to reprogram, make mistakes, try again until you find new solutions to old problems. Watch out for the weekend, with Venus in conflict with Mars it is likely to face some discussion, especially if there are unresolved issues. Maybe this tension could turn into a passionate outburst.

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Highlights of the week:

  • September 12: Sun trine Uranus – great time to experiment, try new techniques or get interested in different activities than usual
  • from September 15 – Saturn square Uranus – a period of confrontation between tradition and innovation, old and new
  • September 16-17: Venus squared Mars – discussions emerge to resolve unresolved issues

    To take advantage of this week: Approach the new and the different with curiosity, however much you may feel safe in your rules or where everything is predictable, if something clashes it may be useful to try new methods

    To be repeated aloud this week: I am ready to experiment

    The horoscope of the week from 12 to 18 September



    The start of this week sees you determined and motivated to be more productive, so head on to those projects you’ve been putting off for months or that training you wanted so much to start. Be reactive, but don’t assume that your motivation will last forever: it is normal for you to have moments of sudden acceleration and braking, very likely with the tension between Saturn and Uranus, perhaps because you feel you have to put aside yours. time to follow activities that involve other people. Go with the flow and don’t get nervous.

    horoscope week 12 September 18 2022 taurus



    If you feel the need to shake up the monotony, the beginning of this week gives you the right boost: you may decide to try a different activity or take up a new hobby, or if you are in the mood for dating maybe try a ‘ spontaneous exit with an unexpected person. Of course, you will soon feel that you have to go back to your duties and you may feel in conflict with yourself or with the authoritarian people in your life, because you feel prevented from doing what you would like. Maybe on the weekend you could do some therapeutic shopping, but be careful not to get out of hand.

    horoscope week 12 September 18 2022 gemini



    It is likely that ghosts of the past will resurrect with Mercury retrograde and, especially at the beginning of the week, it could be interesting to have a confrontation with a person who has always known you or to resolve issues that remained open over time that led you to move away. With all your good will, however, do not put aside your principles: however inclined you may be to understand and listen to the other person’s reasons, you must not feel at fault or wrong. Remember that your emotions are valid, assert yourself, especially this weekend.

    horoscope week 12 September 18 2022 cancer



    You may have been feeling a little restless lately and, of course, don’t avoid this feeling you have chosen to get busy. So now this week you are full of projects to do and people to see! Monday to Tuesday might be fun, but if you’re feeling tired it might be a good idea to see your friends and let off steam with them. Break free and it will be easier to put things into perspective, learning the importance of asking for a helping hand when you have too many things to do.

    horoscope week 12 September 18, 2022 leo



    Your efforts could pay off earlier in the week, perhaps because what seemed like too bold a move at work manages to solve the problem and is rewarded. As encouraging as it is a week and you may even choose to indulge in a few more expenses, soon someone could bring you back to earth and explain the criticalities of these impulsive choices. Take the time to weigh all the pros and cons and listen to those with more experience, but especially this weekend don’t get confused by listening to too many different opinions.

    horoscope week 12 September 18, 2022 virgo



    At the beginning of this week you may want to go back to studying: for pleasure or for the return to school, you may be interested in new topics or perspectives, let yourself be surprised by reading a book or an in-depth article and start making your own searches. You may find many mental stimuli, but the time available is always too little, especially from mid-week onwards you feel limited by commitments and duties. Use the weekend to clear your mind.

    horoscope week 12 September 18, 2022 libra


    Weight scale

    Already from the first days of the week you find yourself dealing with those mechanisms of yours that lead you to not trust people. You may be faced with proposals for collaboration and yet have the constant suspicion that there is something that you are not told, but if the proposal itself has no elements against you, why should you refuse? For better or for worse, you may learn important lessons and find out more about yourself, what is good for you and what works for you. However, for the weekend it might be wise to spend some time with yourself.

    horoscope week 12 September 18, 2022 scorpio



    The beginning of this week presents you with unexpected allies who could help you realize a project you are working on. Embrace the addition that may offer a different perspective, even though some preconceptions of your own are likely to take over very soon. You have always treasured the lessons of the past and perhaps today you do not like someone to interfere in your business, but what if you try to change your mind?

    horoscope week 12 September 18 2022 sagittarius



    In the early days of this week, with the harmonious relationship between the Sun and Uranus, you may be able to free yourself from repetitive and tedious tasks that were draining your motivation. By shaking up your routine you feel inspired to do more again, but very soon you realize how a lack of structure and frequent changes do not help you to be consistent. Not all duties can be avoided and, indeed, sometimes maintaining an order of priorities and processes helps to be clear about what is required to be done.

    horoscope week 12 September 18 2022 capricorn



    This week helps you unleash your creativity and explore new frontiers. In this moment the game and the moments of lightheartedness are fundamental for your personal development, however counterintuitive it may seem to you. Of course, sooner or later you will feel like you are loitering and you will want to regain control over the situation, perhaps paying more attention to your expenses. Yet, ultimately, have you really lost something by letting go? On the weekend, the conflict between duty and pleasure may be more evident.

    horoscope week 12 September 18 2022 aquarius



    In the first days of this week it almost seems that you have found a square: maybe you realize that you have saved enough to be able to afford that upgrade you were looking for for your kitchen, or maybe some friend or person close to you comes to help you fix the house . Feeling inspired by your environment again makes you feel more confident, although it may take some time to develop new habits or regain your structure. In this process, however, learn to ask for support and help, don’t just rely on yourself.

    horoscope week 12 September 18 2022 pisces



    If you are avoiding a conversation with your best friend or partner, perhaps because you are not sure what their opinion will be, the first few days of this week are ideal for breaking the ice. Take these conversations with a curious and non-judgmental spirit, because no one on the other side is berating you. In short, the lesson of this week is that you must not bandage your head before breaking it, you must work on your insecurities to better live these moments of interaction.

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