From "God save the Queen, the fascist regime" to condolences: this is how Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols changed his mind about Queen Elizabeth

From “God save the Queen, the fascist regime” to condolences: this is how Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols changed his mind about Queen Elizabeth

The words of that single that went silver in England many remember them: “God save the Queen and her fascist regime, which made you stupid and potential H-bombs… There is no future in the English Dream“. But today John Lydonaka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols (the nickname referred to the state of his teeth) changed his mind. And she offered her condolences to Elizabeth II on her Facebook page. With a lot of good wishes: “Rest in peace, send her victorious“. And certainly it is difficult to expect it from those who in 1977 said that the queen “is not a human being”, but “tourists are worth money”. At the time i Sex Pistols they felt “the flowers in the garbage”, invited not to be told by anyone what to do and concluded with a meaningful “No future for you“. In the meantime, things have changed. Lydon in an interview some time ago he said that he would be sorry for the death of Elizabeth and invited not to play his song of the 1977. He had explained that he was angry with the institution and not with her. Then the condolence. On the other hand, the Sex Pistols lasted a couple of years. Elizabeth’s reign almost an eternity.

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