The letter from Claudio’s partner: “You have been a star all your life, let’s help each other stay afloat”

TRAGEDY IN LONDON – The 46-year-old actor and director from Civitanova died Thursday of an illness. He was in England to spend a few days with his fiancée, Tasha Vulgara. «Ours is a meeting between two souls, which has become magical. I lived six years of a wonderful man. Together there was adventure and beauty even in daily activities, in moments of darkness and difficulty ». The funeral has not yet been set

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Tasha Vulgara and Claudio Gaetani

from Leonardo Giorgi

“If you see me, give me a hug to help me stay afloat. Let us help each other, because this terrible pain must be felt. It is not a choice. But let’s try to balance it with the love we feel for Claudio, so that none of us drown ». These are the words of Tasha Vulgarathe partner of the actor, director and teacher Claudio Gaetaniwho suddenly passed away at the age of 46 on Thursday morning in London, caught in the street with an illness (read the article).

The 46-year-old, from Civitanova, president of the local Anpi section, was in the English capital just to reach Tasha and participate in a conference on the theme of accessibility in the art world, as ambassador of the association Al Di Qua Artists. The funeral has not yet been scheduled, the family is waiting for the English bureaucracy to take its course (also considering the difficulties related to the days of national mourning following the death of Queen Elizabeth II).

In the rain of dedications and memories that have crowded the social networks in recent days to pay tribute to the actor, the partner wanted to break his silence and entrust a moving message on his page Facebook a small part of everything that represented her love affair with Claudio.


Claudio Gaetani

«Claudio, my love. There are no words to express a sadness so enormous, so deep, infinite – writes Tasha -. So, I would like to share and instead tell a little about the joy and beauty that I have seen and experienced in these six years of this wonderful man. I do not know if I can. Words do not come. Only the tears ». «From the first moments in which we met – he continues -, to the last, we always laughed. I have a million and more memories of beautiful, hilarious and incredible moments. We joked and laughed every day, we shared a unique language of ourselves, made up of made up words, jokes and funny nonsense. We shared a playfulness that allowed us to create adventure and beauty even in daily activities, even in moments of darkness and difficulty.. In the British way: “Keep calm and carry on”, and the Scottish one: with courage, lightness, humor and magic (or in his case, always with a hint of anxiety), we managed to overcome the most difficult moments, side by side , like monkeys: stronger together.

It was a meeting between two cultures, two souls, in some respects completely opposite but, in other respects, completely synchronized and ready to combine in the most hilarious, powerful, and magical ways.. We lived together six years of adventure, magic, hilarity and lots of love. Claudio had many projects ahead of him. He continued with his work as a teacher at school, loved by colleagues and students, the work with Anpi, the various theater projects. In recent weeks he had also auditioned to act in a TV series abroad. We joked (and even celebrated) that she was always one step closer to fulfilling her dream of working with Spielberg.. And I had no doubts that he would get there, and beyond. This, along with other adventures that he had before him, unfortunately will not happen. But the important and the beauty, which perhaps somehow can give us some comfort, is that Claudio lived a very beautiful life, very full, surrounded by love, affection, magic and adventure. This is already a lot, it is already a dream, even if it ended too soon ».

Claudio-Gaetani-1-325x218As I have told him many times – Tasha points out -, his mother would have been so proud of him and so happy to see him shine so brightly in the world. Annita was always worried that the world outside Civitanova Alta would hurt him, but its light was too bright to be contained within these walls. People now ask me, how can I go on without Claudio? I wonder too. A memory comes to mind, from many years ago, when I was still a teenager. I had the opportunity to travel to the magical part of the world which is Latin America. One day I found myself in front of a beautiful waterfall in Costa Rica. At one point to reach my destination I had to cross the water, from one stone to another, with the water running through it. On the other hand a group of travelers was facing the same intersection with some doubts and they asked me “But how did you make it look so easy, you ran straight without hesitation, without falling”. With a laugh I said “Well, I didn’t have a choice, I can’t swim. Falling was not an option ”. And now I have to do the same. I have to go on without falling, or at least without drowning, even if the sadness inside and around me seems like an endless and tumultuous ocean beating me with waves from every direction“. Tasha continues in her letter by saying that in this terrible pain “we must also feel very lucky. We had the good fortune and the honor to know and love a beautiful, extraordinary and special man, each in his own small or large, from near or far and this love must carry us forward. I know there are many of us who share this pain. Tell me your stories of Claudio, I will be happy to hear the love and memories you have of him. This reality is too, too sad to be real. I don’t want to accept it. There is still so much to say, as he still had so much to live. But for now I close here, with this little message to you, my love ». This is Tasha’s final dedication: «Claudio, from the first moment I saw you, I saw the light, the aura, the most beautiful energies that shone around you. From stardust we come and to the stars we go. But you have been a star all your life, the one that shone the most and you will shine forever in everyone’s hearts and memories “.

Illness in the street in London, the actor Claudio Gaetani died: “A man who built himself”


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