How can you book for bivalent vaccines and to whom they are recommended.  From Monday it starts

How can you book for bivalent vaccines and to whom they are recommended. From Monday it starts

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On Monday off to appointments for vaccines containing two strains of the CoV-2 sars virus. 18.9 million doses on the way

What are the new vaccines?

They are called bivalent (adequate or updated) because they contain two strains of the Sars CoV-2 virus, the original one isolated in early 2020, and Omicron BA.1, which appeared as a variant in November 2021 and became prevalent with the BA.4 subvariants. and 5, very similar in characteristics, which today are responsible for 90% of infections. Both vaccines are developed with messenger RNA technology, manufactured by Moderna and Pfizer / Biontech companies. Approved on 1 September by the European drug agency Ema and ratified on Monday 5 September by our Aifa.

When will they be available in Italy?

From Monday 12 September the Regions will open reservations. Just make an appointment through the regional sites choosing between vaccination centers and pharmacies. 18.9 million doses will arrive within this month, followed by other deliveries. The Regions have already received the first supplies.

Who can get vaccinated?

The new vaccines are offered free of charge to all subjects over the age of 12, without foreclosures. In theory, therefore, everyone could request them to make the reminders, but on this point the ministry will give more detailed indications.

Who are they recommended for?

The Ministry of Health recommends vaccination as a priority to people at risk of developing the serious and potentially fatal disease from Covid: frail (with chronic diseases) over 60, guests and operators of nursing homes for the elderly, as well as their health personnel and women pregnant, as also indicated by Ema and the European agency for the control of infectious diseases. Further strategic indications in the context of the vaccination campaign could be decided in the coming weeks based on the progress of the epidemic.

When to do the booster with the new vaccines?

You have to wait at least four months from the last dose received, even if the primary course was completed using compounds from other companies, such as AstraZeneca and Janssen.

What if I had the natural infection?

Wait at least 4 months before the recall. The additional dose serves to strengthen protection against severe forms of the disease.

What should I do if I have already received the fourth dose using traditional vaccines or if I have taken three doses and subsequently had the infection?

The ministry has yet to express itself on this.

Will traditional, monovalent vaccines containing the original virus strain continue to be administered?

Yes, but limited to the first and second dose. They always remain effective in protecting against severe symptoms. The remaining stocks, around two million in Italy, could be donated to African governments. The quantity destined for Italy has been established by the EU.

Do the new vaccines prevent contagion?

No, just like traditional ones they don’t avoid contagion. You can contract the virus and pass it on to other contacts. This is why the Director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health Giovanni Rezza speaks of a change of paradigm. It was thought to be able to block the circulation of the virus by immunizing a large part of the population. Instead, Sars-CoV-2 has acquired over time the ability to bypass the defenses of the immune system. So now the goal is to defend against severe forms by relaunching the vaccination campaign. imminent arrival of vaccines containing Omicron’s sub-variant BA.1.

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