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Spring, today the debut. Sanderra: “I want to prepare them for the first team. Here also for Sarri”

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Everything is ready for the start of the new championship of Spring 2. The Serie B League has recently made official the start and end dates of the season: tomorrow September 10 the 1st day of departure, while Saturday May 13, 2023 is the designated closing day. THE playoffs for promotion to the Championship Spring 1 they will be played on Saturday 20 May (quarter-finals), 27 May (semi-finals) and Saturday 3 June (final).

It is precisely from the playoffs that the biancoceleste Primavera must restart. Yes, because last season, played at good levels by the guys from Calori often at the top or in any case close to first place, ended very badly in the final stages with the knockout against Brescia. For Lazio it is the second consecutive year in Spring 2the third in the last 5 years, a truly chilling result for the club’s blazon.

REBIRTH – A decisive turning point was necessary and the first moves came directly from the top management: Enrico Lotito is the new general manager, together with the new experienced sports director Angelo Fabiani who then takes the place of Igli Tare. Not only on the upper floors, the radical change also arrived on the bench, for which the rumors spoke of Tommaso Rocchi: Alessandro Calori instead left the baton to Stefano Sanderra. The bench changes, the team also partially changes, with many important players from last year like Mancino, Ferro, Bertini and Furlanetto no longer in the Under 19 ranks. It will be the task of the new ones to bring freshness and determination and it will be the task of the “old” to help them with the experience of those who have already worn the jersey of such an important formation.

DEBUT – Tomorrow at 15.00 the debut match at the home ofAscolithe first opportunity for Sanderra and the young eagles to demonstrate that Lazio deserve to fly in Primavera 1. On the eve of the match, the new coach spoke to the microphones of Lazio Style Radio:

“I am happy to have reached Lazio, it is an important goal for me. The call from Lotito and Fabiani made me proudwas the culmination of a long journey between Southern Italy and Malta.

Ours is a group made up of players already present last year and new faces. We are under construction, we need time. The time has come for the three points up for grabs, the boys are ready even if we don’t have everyone available yet. I found some very neat and disciplined guys, maybe they need to grow a bit temperamentally because football is not just technique and tactics. They certainly have all the potential to best demonstrate their characteristics. I work a lot on the character aspect, my teams never give up.

I believe that in a month we can see Lazio as competitive as possible to return to Primavera1 even if the main goal is to prepare someone for the first team. In the Spring it is necessary to look more at the result compared to what happens in the Youth Sector. There is also a psychological training of the boysbecause from a better man comes a better footballer.

We must understand the new generation for create wrestlers as well as simple footballers. I’m getting back in love with the Primavera, the boys are responding well.

My journey in southern Italy was a very long tour that enriched me a lot and the experience in Malta completed me. This will allow me to work well under the technical and tactical aspect, but also in terms of character. I started my career in the Roman Youth Sector by combining passion with a degree in physical education. I also came to Lazio because he is in the first team Sarria technician who was a classmate.

We will start from 4-3-3 in the wake of the first team, but on the pitch if the kids make adjustments they can get rich. In any case, I am not anchored to certain game patterns.

A Roman driving Roman is an important aspect because it can allow you to better capture the mood of the city and the kids. At the moment I think the Roman and southern training are a bit underestimated. From this point of view, my story could offer some lymph to the other technicians ”.

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