Vagnozzi, Sinner's coach: "The service will grow, here's what we learned from Alcaraz"

Vagnozzi, Sinner’s coach: “The service will grow, here’s what we learned from Alcaraz”

from Gaia Piccardi, sent to New York

Jannik Sinner’s coach: «We have solved the problem of blisters. The service will grow. Cahill? He gave peace to the press, if Jannik was wrong before it was Vagnozzi’s fault “

“Pay attention: in Cincinnati, before the US Open, Jannik he had wasted a match point with Aliassime, then he had left the match. Here in New York, in the quarters, he went up 3-2, 40-15, in the fifth set, after losing the fourth like that. It means he learns from every game. I am proud of him ». Simone Vagnozzi, 39, from the Marche region, has been Jannik Sinner’s new coach since February (from Wimbledon in cohabitation with Darren Cahill). He is paid – also – to see the glass half full. After the Hurgan Alcaraz, this is his analysis of things.

Simone, where do you start from, after New York?
«From the spectacular attitude with which Jannik was on the pitch for 5 hours 15 ‘with a monster like Alcaraz. I liked his resilience in a very high intensity match, the quality of tennis: he pushed himself to the limit, coming up from difficult situations, canceled 5 set points, reacted to the unconverted match point. I’m not surprised: I knew he never gives up. And the physical aspect: problems solved ».

There was a period of the season, in fact, with the retreats in Miami and Paris, where form was not a given.
«I had to get to know the boy: the blisters appeared a month and a half after we trained together. He came from a very intense 2021, he had never stopped, he had returned from Australia with Covid: it was necessary to stop and add quality fuel to the athletic part. After Paris it was possible ».

How did you solve the pitfall of blisters?
“With the right professionals and tools, I don’t want to go into details. At the US Open he played 22 sets without making a turn ».

The service, at 21, remains a work in progress.
«You think about the match point, which you faced with a second one, but that’s an episode. People have a short memory: perhaps in the last matches Jannik has made a few more double faults but at Wimbledon he served well, in Umag and in Paris, even up to the knee problem. Jannik did not score many points with his serve, we tried to make it more effective: at the US Open with Nakashima he made 16 aces and with Alcaraz, who is a phenomenon in response, the serve gave him little. However, there will be no other technical changes, it takes time to stabilize. Let us remember that it is a long path, a path that, in addition to results, does not neglect the work of growth: the objectives are long-term ».

How long will Sinner take to dispose of the disappointment?
“Some day. Davis in Bologna will help him turn the page. He will soon realize that he has played an extraordinary match with Alcaraz ».

But is Jannik a real cold or a hot cold?
«He lives emotions, but he is very good at not showing it. It is a heat that challenges do not take away sleep, that does not like to lose even to a kind of French 40 scale at which we play cards in the evening while we choose a good restaurant together ».

Tournaments after Davis?
«Sofia, Nur Sultan, Florence, Vienna and Paris Bercy. Qualification for the ATP Finals in Turin is not something that does not make us sleep at night, we have not set ourselves any ranking targets. The goal is to improve his tennis and strengthen it physically ».

Has it finished growing?
“Yup. Maybe it will stretch by half a centimeter, but it changes little. He is not a finished player, there is a lot of potential ».

What did the collaboration with Cahill bring?
“Experience. The dialogue is continuous. I was calm even before but Darren calmed the press: if you win you are good, if Jannik double faults Vagnozzi does not understand anything. But that’s the way we are in Italy, I’m going my own way ».

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