Artisti contro, il voto spacca lo spettacolo: da Elodie a Valeria Marini, da Incontrada ad Al Bano, i cantanti e gli attori si schierano

Artists against, the vote splits the show: from Elodie to Valeria Marini, from Incontrada to Al Bano, the singers and actors line up

In the beginning (or almost) it was Roberto Benigni. Who from the Pincio Terrace, in 1983, took an incredulous Enrico Berlinguer, head of the PCI, in his arms as a bride, amid the cheering applause of the crowd: «True Communist guaranteed!». Eleven years later here is Raimondo Vianello who, during a TV program, sided without hesitation with Silvio Berlusconi: “For the first time in 45 years – burst out the comedian – I know the candidate I will vote for”.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. But with each election the catchphrase is repeated: who does the VIP party vote for? Artists, singers, actors, faces of the small and big screen. Poised between the desire to take sides and the danger of exposing oneself, with the risk of antagonizing a slice of one’s audience. Disillusioned, sometimes, or more often repentant. As in the case of Lorenzo Cherubini, aka Jovanotti, who after having accompanied Walter Veltroni on his electoral bus (it was 2008) to the tune of “I trust you” distanced himself: “Today I would no longer lend one of my songs to politics” , he cut it short a few years later. Disappointed also the many big names of the show who in 2013 and especially in 2018 had declared their confidence in the 5 Star Movement, from Fiorella Mannoia to Claudio Santamaria, from Michele Riondino to Ivano Marescotti. So it was until a few years ago: and today?

Today, two weeks before the polls, the artists who have chosen to take sides in favor of one of the front-runners in the race can be counted on the fingers of one hand. To the point that yesterday, from the stage in Trento, Giorgia Meloni blurted out: «Is it possible that a party estimated at 27% does not even have a supporter in the entertainment world? Possible – the leader of FdI replied – because declaring right-wing sympathies would prevent them from working ». In reality, there is someone who has taken up his defense in the last few days.

Even if in a discreet way. “I worked for 60 years and I have always been away from political forces – Albano Carrisi launched for example – There was a period in which those who embraced a certain ideology had their career doors wide open: I never did. “. The singer-songwriter from Cellino San Marco, however, wanted to break a lance in favor of Meloni: “It is wrong to insult her because, even if you have different ideas, that’s not how you argue”.

The same was done by the showgirl Valeria Marini, the protagonist of an all-political social call and response with Selvaggia Lucarelli. “Dear Selvaggia – Marini replied piqued to a criticism of the journalist – you have a lot to learn from Giorgia Meloni … For example, the respect she has for others and especially for women”. Two days ago it was the turn of Caterina Balivo, questioned on the question of the appeals of the artists against the FdI leader: “Saying what scares you is parac … Why don’t you say what interests you?”. Moving back the hands of the clock, other positions in favor of Meloni emerge from the archives: that of the singer Enrico Ruggeri, for example. «Giorgia to the government? I would see you well, finally we would have a female premier », she declared to Libero a year ago.

Who instead of the right in the government says he is “afraid” is Ornella Muti. But also Vanessa Incontrada: “Meloni scares me a lot – admits the former Zelig presenter, citing the meeting of Vox (” soy a mother … “) – I don’t love and I don’t agree with her kind of politics”. But the charge of the anti-Melonian VIPs is nourished. It also includes the singers Elodie («she is a woman, but she speaks like a man of 1922») and Giorgia. And Loredana Bertè too. Which sinks on the flame in the symbol of FdI: «Mrs. Meloni, be ashamed. And I call her lady because she doesn’t have anything honorable ». A few days before her, from Instagram, Chiara Ferragni had said about her (who on her social network boasts a following of 27 million followers). The influencer had thundered against the Brothers of Italy, which “made it impossible to have an abortion in the Marches: we must ensure that these things do not happen,” the appeal.

And if a historian of the left like Alba Parietti (who in 2008 launched her candidacy in the primaries of the Democratic Party) this time goes away, stating that she “hopes in the figure of Meloni” (even if “I do not share anything of his thought”, he specifies) , the palm of endorsement you don’t expect goes to the 21-year-old rapper Baby Gang. Who on Instagram begins like this: “Turns and turns the head is always the same”: Silvio Berlusconi.

“When he was there, Italy was the real Italy, you can’t say anything to this man. Come on Italy ». And while the Cinquestelle seem to struggle to regain the approval of the many artists who have lost along the way over the years, one of the front-women of the Terzo Polo collects the support of Gabriele Muccino (who also shows himself to be critical via twitter with the decision of Calenda to disengage from the center left). «Mara Carfagna – the director turns to the minister – why didn’t you leave FI before? You should have aspired to become prime minister ».

Meanwhile, the leader of Action, on a visit to Brescia, takes a photo in the company of Cristina Fogazzi, aka the Cynical Beautician (just under 1 million followers and almost 62 million euros in turnover). “I like it,” she had crowned him some time ago. Who knows if her fans will think so too.


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